Now that the holidays are over, it's the perfect time to plan your summer vacation. The New Year has opened with brand new, post-holiday deals from several major airlines, and tickets that were hundreds of dollars during the Christmas season are now only a fraction of the price. Here are a few of the airlines that are offering great deals for 2010.

JetBlue is leading the airline pack with great deals on one way fares that start at just $39. This includes flights from coast to coast as well as international flights to the Caribbean. A ticket from New York to any city in California, for example, goes for $99 or less. You can also find flights for less than $100 from the U.S. to the Caribbean, depending on what city you're departing form. Deals go on until March 24.

In the face of JetBlue's new year's deals initiative, AirTran has announced its own airline deals for 2010. AirTran's prices match those of JetBlue's pretty much across the board. Ticket fares range from $90 to $100 for coast to coast flights, and you can even find some international flights for less than $100. As an added plus, AirTran's deals apply through May 26.

Virgin America
Virgin airlines has come up with its own great deals for the New Year. The bad news is that only if you're flying out from the West Coast will you be able to take advantage of them. One way flights between major cities in the West Coast are only $39, and you can fly from the West Coast to the East Coast for as low as $99.

European Airlines
If you're planning to go to Europe in the summer of 2010, you're probably still going to have to hunt for parking deals at LAX online. But once you get across the Atlantic, making your way through the Grand Tour might actually be cheaper by plane than by the time-honored Eurail. Europe has quite a few budget airlines that will take you around the Continent for as low as $10. Some of these airlines include Aer Lingus (Ireland), Eurofly (Italy), Air Berlin (Germany), Blu-express (Italy), easyJet (England), Jetairfly (Belgium), and (France, Netherlands).