Cheap DC Shoes (24472)

As a world leader in the skateboarding footwear industry, cheap DC shoes are always really high in demand. Luckily for us, cheap DC shoes are everywhere. Skateboarders of all kinds are loyal to this brand because they never fail to deliver for both quality and style. These are some of the sharpest looking and most sought after skate sneakers in the world, and cheap DC shoes are no different.

You don't always have to pay $80 or $90 for a nice pair of skateboarding sneakers. With the internet, you are left with hundreds of outlets to choose from, and there's also all the places out in the real world to find cheap DC shoes on sale as well. Let's take a look at the best places to find them.

Buy Cheap DC Shoes Online

So you're looking to get the best prices on cheap DC shoes? If so, then shopping online is almost always your best bet. The internet has hundreds of places that sell these super-popular skateboarding sneakers at low prices. With all the different options you have to choose from, you're almost guaranteed to snag a killer deal. You can shop and compare through hundreds of websites and stores all in the comfort of your own home in almost no time at all.

You probably always end up checking the online skate shops first and foremost when you go to buy cheap DC shoes, as this seems like the most logical and obvious way to go. Big reputable sites like CCS, SkateAmerica, A1Skateboards, and TheSkateboardStore are but a few of the dozens of online skate shops to choose from. These places are great for buying all kinds of skateboard stuff. They often have great sales on things like cheap DC shoes, as well as skateboard clothes, discount skateboards, skateboard trucks, wheels, grip tape, and bearings. A lot of times you'll see some deals where if you buy a certain amount of things you get a discount, or free shipping, or even both.

Online department stores are also a great place to check for some nice cheap DC shoes because these places have super low prices, thanks to the fact that they have so many products on sale, and can afford to make the prices reasonable and still make a decent profit. Websites like Overstock, Tillys, EastBay, Zappos, and of course, Amazon, are all excellent resources for finding killer deals on cheap DC shoes. A lot of people don't even think to look here, but if you choose to ignore these places you could be missing out on some ridiculous savings. You might be surprised at the kinds of sales these sites have all the time.

As an example, you can get an awesome pair of cheap DC shoes on Amazon. The men's Court Graffik and it's priced as low as $21! I don't know about you, but I hardly ever come across a pair of skateboarding sneakers this nice for a price like that. You would be hard pressed to find deals like this on CCS, quite honestly.

eBay and other similar auction sites are also some pretty good places to look for cheap DC shoes on sale. These places aren't really forgotten or ignored as much as the department store sites, even though they have the same kinds of sales. The one thing I have to say about buying from sites like these are to be careful of who you buy from. You don't want to get ripped off and get a crappy pair of DC shoes under $40 from some a seller who was trying to make a quick buck. Make sure you check up on seller history and see if they have any negative feedback. Try to buy from dealers who have some positive feedback from their customers to avoid getting ripped off.


Buy Cheap DC Shoes in Stores

Since these skateboarding sneakers are so ridiculously popular, even amongst people who have never stepped foot on a skateboard, you can often find some amazing deals on cheap DC shoes for kids and adults out in the real world in tons of different stores. You could go to skate shops around your town, and check footwear, sporting goods, skateboarding apparel, and many department stores. Places like PacSun, Flamingo's and Hot Topic are some pretty popular places that have lots of skateboarding clothes. Then there are the places that specialize in footwear like Journey's and Foot Locker that also have some cheap DC shoes for men and women on sale from time to time. You might even be able to find some nice pairs in places like Champs or other sporting goods stores.

Your best bet is to look for clearance sales. Older models of these popular skateboarding sneakers start dropping in price when the new line-up is getting ready to come out. Whoever sells them needs to make room on their shelves for the new season models, and in turn are forced to drop their prices drastically in an effort to sell what they have left. This is a great opportunity to find some really sweet cheap DC shoes on sale that used to be expensive not too long ago. Here are some of the most popular styles and models to look out for:

  • Court Graffik
  • Court Graffik SE
  • Net
  • Net SE
  • Pure
  • Pure SE
  • Purist
  • Villain
  • Villain TX
  • Character
  • Command
  • Major
  • Rob Dyrdek
  • Turbo
  • Journal
  • Accent
  • Versatile
  • Pro Spec 2.0
  • Pro Spec 2.0 Mid

Go Get Your Cheap DC Shoes

Now that you realize how easy it is to find the best deals on cheap DC shoes, start taking advantage and put your new knowledge to use! Nothing's better than saving money, especially considering how expensive these world-famous skateboarding sneakers are. It's pretty crazy that this footwear is not only worn by skateboarders, but by people of all sorts of demographics. It just goes to show you how popular they are, and anytime you can find an awesome pair of cheap DC shoes, you should look around at the plethora of other stores and see if you can save another $20!