Cheap DVS Shoes

Cheap DVS shoes are always really high in demand, mainly because this company has some of the freshest looking skateboarding sneakers on the market, but cheap DVS shoes may actually be in more places than you think. You may think they're easy to find, but the tricky part is learning of all these places and then deciding which method presents the best results for you.

With the popularity of skateboarding and skate sneakers, it's no surprise that cheap DVS shoes are just floating around everywhere, both in cyberspace as well as out in the real world. Looking for cheap DVS shoes? You're not the only one! Here's how to make sure you get the upper hand on getting a good bargain.

Buy Cheap DVS Shoes Online

If you really want to find the best sales on an awesome pair of cheap DVS shoes, then more often than not you're going to want to buy them online. This is for quite a few reasons. When you shop online, you just have so many more places to choose from, which makes finding the best prices a lot easier. You also have the luxury of shopping around and comparing prices with the simple click of the mouse. Best of all, you never even have to leave your house.

Most people are going to be going straight to the online skate shops to look for a nice pair of cheap DVS shoes, and usually this is a pretty wise choice. Places like CCS and SkateAmerica are world reknown for their excellent selection on all sorts of skateboard stuff. Whether it's skateboards, skateboard trucks, wheels, bearings, or even clothes, chances are one of these giant online skate shops are going to have what you're looking for. This is not to say, however, that these places are the only ones to check out. While they do seem like the most logical way of finding cheap DVS shoes, they surprisingly don't always have the best bargains on them.

Many people don't even think about looking for cheap DVS shoes on websites like Overstock, Zappos, or Amazon. These websites are actually some of the best places to look. They are all extremely reputable and provide excellent customer service. The fact that they sell so many various products ranging from tools, kitchen appliances, and even furniture, leaves a lot of room for them to make their prices on cheap DVS shoes competitively low compared to specialty shops such as ones that only focus on skateboard products.

For example, even though most people don't think of Amazon as a place to have cheap DVS shoes on sale regularly, they actually do. In fact, right now you can get the men's Revival on Amazon for only about $40. Compare that to the regular prices of these popular skateboarding sneakers of around $70 or $80 and I would have to say that's a pretty good deal. Not too many online skate shops can compete with prices like that. The best part is you know you are buying from a reputable company so you know that their cheap DVS shoes aren't junk.

Auction sites are also a great way to find killer bargains on cheap DVS shoes. eBay is probably the first place you should check, and reserve the sketchier sites like CraigsList as a last resort. This is because eBay is actually a pretty reputable site and believe it or not it's extremely easy to get ripped off at these kinds of places. Make sure you check up on the seller's history and avoid any dealers that have negative reputation. You want a pair of cheap DVS shoes, as in the price, not the quality!

Buy Cheap DVS Shoes in Stores

Shopping in stores can sometimes yield even better results than shopping online for cheap DVS shoes. This is mostly due to the fact that when you shop around out in the real world, you don't have to pay shipping and handling costs. You also don't have to worry about giving out your credit card number over the internet if you or your parents aren't comfortable with doing that.

If you're lucky enough to have a skate shop in your area, you'll naturally want to go look there first and see what kinds of deals they are having. Skate shops often have good sales on things like cheap DVS shoes because they are smaller and therefore have a smaller stock and inventory. This means that when the newer models of skateboarding sneakers start to come out, or are getting close to coming out, that the older models drop in price. You may have to pick through limited sizes and wear last season's model, but who cares? These are still quality products, and just because you get a pair of cheap DVS shoes that are a little outdated doesn't change how they function, feel, or look.

If you don't have a skate shop near you, or even if you do, going to the mall is usually a great idea as well. Most of the malls in my area have stores like PacSun, Hot Topic, and Journey's that all have potential to have the best sales on cheap DVS shoes. There may be more or different stores like these in your area, so make sure you ask and look around so you know you're not missing out on a better sale somewhere.

Hot Cheap DVS Shoes to Look For

As I said earlier, the best sales on cheap DVS shoes are usually the ones where you can get older models for a discounted price when the new fresh line-up is getting ready to come out. This means that the skateboarding sneakers that were popular and expensive just a few months ago are going to still be just as good, except now they are going to be at really low prices. Here are some of the most popular models of cheap DVS shoes to look out for:

  • Enduro
  • Enduro Heir
  • Monument
  • Militia
  • Carson
  • Modem
  • Revival
  • Revival Splat
  • Berra 5
  • Berra 6
  • Transom
  • Transom SP
  • Bexley
  • Parliament
  • Munition
  • Volari
  • Vendetta
  • Coen
  • Refresh
  • Gavin
  • Premier
  • Fusion
  • Accomplice
  • Daewon CT
  • Daewon 9


Go Get Your Cheap DVS Shoes

Hopefully after reading this article you now know some more places to look for great prices on cheap DVS shoes. Remember that if you really want the best price, the most bang for your limited buck, the key is to shop around and compare prices. You may be surprised at the kinds of sales you find on websites that you never even thought about looking on. The internet has come a long way and the sheer amount of places to buy things, including cheap DVS shoes, is amazing. Take full advantage and stop spending $80 or more on skateboarding sneakers when you can get them just as good for half the price in some cases!