As anyone who has ever planned a wedding knows quite well, expenses can quickly pile up, so having a set budget in place is of the utmost importance. Ask friends and family for their advice as to how to cut corners so you'll be able to afford everything you really want to have.

Taking care not to spend money unnecessarily, but rather saving it for future events such as the honeymoon, buying a house, or starting a family.

Much like any bride, you'll want the best of everything possible for your special day, but you should still be frugal in your planning, finding great deals such as discounts on cheap wedding cakes.

There's no doubt the cake can be one of the most expensive items of the entire wedding, but it really doesn't have to be this way, considering most are usually plain, white cakes that are just decorated nicely.

There's absolutely no law that says you must purchase your cake from a bakery or specialty baker. When you actually think about it, the cake only needs to look good for a few hours before being cut up and eaten, or taken home by the guests.

While it still has to be pretty and neatly done, it doesn't have to be an elaborate creation that eats up more of your budget than anything else. By deciding early on in the planning stage the specifics of the cake, there's a better chance you'll avoid any mishaps or setbacks as the wedding draws near.

This is particularly true if you or a family member is handling the responsibility of making it. Be sure to have it done early enough to set, leaving plenty of time for decorating and icing, and storing it in a very cool, dry place before the wedding.

Consider decorating a smaller cake for display purposes, and having a larger sheet cake in the kitchen for cutting. Plus you can always learn how to make a wedding cake yourself, just get some great wedding cake recipes.

Remember, cheap wedding cakes don't have to taste or look bad, they simply have to cost less money than traditional cakes, but still be just as beautiful and delicious!

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