Eyelash extensions can change your whole look...

If you are wondering where to get eyelash extensions, then this article is for you.   I, too, suffer from an appaling lack of eyelashes, and would love to get some enhancements made in that department.  Eyelash extenders are applied by an expert in a type of "beauty procedure" which usually takes place in a salon. If you have never tried this beauty service, you should try it at least once in your life - many people have had amazing results with them! Ask around, and do more research: This can help you know if you should pursue eyelash extensions to enhance the look and appearance of your eyelashes.

Where to Get Eyelash Extensions
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What are eyelash extensions?

The extended lashes are individual synthetic lashes and lash fibers that are attached to your existing eyelashes growing out of your natural eyelid. They can be used to enhance the fullness, thickness and length of your natural lashes. Properly done, extenders can eliminate the need to use your eyeliner, mascara or curler- the results can really be quite draatic.

The lash-extensions are available in different sizes, colors and textures. You may go for a natural look,  or try out some of the more outrageous styles. You can wear the enhancements when you are swimming, sleeping or showering. The lashes can also resist tears, sweat and sun. They are applied with a very strong adhesive before being placed on your natural lashes. The semi-permanent lashes can be worn for long durations-- for much longer than a day, which is typical of normal false lashes.

Eyelash extensions can be worn throughout the year with minimal monthly maintenance. The extensions can last up to 12 to 16 weeks if you look after them properly. They may fall out after just a few weeks especially if you rub your eyes often, touch your eyes or sleep on your face.  Or you can damage them if you wash them too harshly, or with harsh cleansers.  But if cared for properly, they can last a good while.

How much do eyelash extensions cost?

If you are wondering "Where to get eyelash extensions", you are surely also wondering how much they cost!  Cosmeticprocedures can really vary in price.  So much can depend on the type of the extensions, and the salon and workers skill and prestige level, amongst other factors.

For instance, the extenders can have varying characteristics. Each brand of extensions may use various materials and technology, which can make  up a big portion of the price difference. The price of the enhancements can be impacted by the skill of the beautician, type of lashes, number of lash extensions and venue of application.  Special offers and packages as well as availability of service may also affect the cost of the extensions.  Keep ypur eyes open and call around to find out if and when some local salons will be offering special deals on promotins. 

The price may also vary depending on if you want a full set or half set. The cost of the procedure may also extend to maintenance. You may need to set aside some money for repair services. Maintenance may depend on the condition of your extensions. If your extensions were done by an unskilled individual leading to damaged eyelash application, a skilled beautician may charge you a higher cost to repair the damage. Moreover, the cost may vary if you are going for a new set orjust for a refill or a touch up.

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How does the eyelash extensions procedure work?

Unlike temporary glue or stick on lashes, the eyelash extensions procedure is little more comples. Since they are applied on a lash-to-lash basis, the procedure may take two hours or more. Both parties are required to exercise patience to ensure the procedure is successful. The professional should inquire about what you want before beginning the procedure. Your eyes should be free from any eye-makeup or oil-based products for your skin. Tweezers can help aid the process while making the procedure more sanitary to you. Moreover, the tweezers help in precision placement of the extensions and increase placement speed. The stylist should wear gloves as well when performing the procedure to ensure a more sanitary application.

Before application, you can comfortably recline in the application chair with your eyes closed. The beautician will place the lashes in a palette to ensure they are separate, and easy to pick with the tweezers. The stylist will pour the extension glue in an adhesive holder, then coat the synthetic eyelash's end that attaches to your lash with the glue and place the extension on the selected lash. He or she accomplishes the individual application by isolating an individual natural lash and expertly bonding it with the glue-coated extension. Neither the adhesive nor the extension should touch the eyelid. A primer can be used to strengthen the bond. You should not experience any discomfort or pain during the procedure.

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Where to get eyelash extensions

You can get the extensions from an approved provider in your local area.Please, don't try to cut corners and go meet that "girl your friend knows at the Best Western who'll do them for cheap."  You never want to mess around with cosmetic procedures of any kind, especially anything having to do with you eye. 

Your area may have a beautician who not only offers eyelash extensions services, but also sells the enhancements. Ensure the extensions are of high quality before making a purchase. The right supplier should have the right accessories for your extensions. Where to get eyelash extensions can also include the Internet other than your local shop.  It is possible to order the actual extensions yourself, and then pay to have the beautician apply them.  Check with your local high-quality salon to see if that might be an option. 

Overall, eyelash extensions can be a great way to boost your self confidence.  If you go to a certified beautician at a reputable salon, then the procedure is perfectly safe and painless.

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