There are a lot of places to analyze Forex charts for free. If you are beginner and looking to get good at analyzing Forex, one of the best places to start is simply Google finance. Here you will find every single major currency pair you could possibly want to analyze. However, I recommend moving away from online charts, and instead moving towards a program that can analyze these charts for you. This means you'll likely need to get some sort of trading platform. But don't worry, because most Forex charts and trading platforms are actually free.

All you need to do to get free Forex information is sign up for an account at any of the major brokers. I personally recommend signing up with an account that offers a meta-trader platform. Meta- trader is one of the most advanced Forex trading platforms available. You will find the ability to analyze multiple charts for free and even makes simulated trades to try and figure out exactly how you a prophet in any given situation. This is a great asset for anyone looking to start out in Forex.

I recommend taking it to the next step once you've found a good broker and start making practice trades. In order practice Forex trading, you simply need to find a broker that will give you practice trades for free, and most of them do. It's a tremendous opportunity to pre-sell someone on the interface, so most companies are willing to do it. Just remember, when you are trading Forex even on simulated trades, you need to treat it as though it is a live trading session. Keep a trading journal and make a note of everything while following a strict system.

This is the only way to grow from your mistakes. If you make a bad trade and you don't look back and analyze it, you will end up in a situation where you simply don't know what mistakes you might have made. This will leave you crippled and simply unable to continue forward while making progress. Not keeping track of your trades even while practicing simulated trades on free Forex charts will simply make you blind and gambling with the markets.