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There are many people who are searching for good, free sample letters for customer complaints that they could use for such purpose. They want to make their letters more convincing and very comprehensible so that their concerns will be addressed and be attended immediately. People from different parts of the world, from different professional fields or ordinary positions, from an average man to the privileged, receive numerous communications, most especially letters of various types.


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For the people in the complaints departments, they catch a bulk of letters everyday which is more than what an ordinary sector receives, and some of these letters are incomprehensible, while others are too difficult to read. But is there a perfect or ideal way to create a letter of complaints? We have seen many types of this particular letter; of how it is being written, what to include in the letter, how it is presented, what comes first, what is the last thing to specify, etcetera, because many of us want some guidance to weave a good, professional, and very effective letter of complaints.

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There are many books in the library that provides free sample letters for customer complaints, but with the popularity and recognition of the internet people find a good source of information on where to find these samples. Sample letters for customer complaints vary depending on the author of the template. However, these sample letters have the same and common goal which is to provide those who need insights the ease in creating a good complaint letter.

Thus, it is important to know what a letter for customer complaints is and understand its purpose. Why it needs to be written? What are the pros and cons? Many other points are to be considered in creating this relevant letter. So, to make it simple and clear, you must create a letter that must be read – concise, clear, and compact so that it will be acted upon. Without knowing the essentials of writing this kind of letter, or without having a guide on how to create them, your letter might be in danger of being sent into the bin, unread and unattended. So, what do you need to know is to learn some pointers from the experts. 

What is a Letter for Customer Complaints?

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You are an unsatisfied client. You have issues with some establishments due to poor customer service, misconduct, defective products, and many other reasons that irritate or frustrate you – just one of the many scenarios. You want to complain but you have to make it formal. So, that’s where you are going to base your letter. It is a letter that announces your dissatisfaction, your concerns, and totally your answer to the question, “What are you complaining about?”

Most organizations are able to handle complaints properly by dealing with facts, so they will need documentations. Your letter of complaint will serve as your passport to clear up your frustration about something you don’t like, or you are not satisfied with. Putting the details of your complains into writing will become essential in processing and resolving your issues, and your letter will be more reliable in communicating these concerns than verbal phone exchange. It is a dire need that you also need your own record of the complaint to determine liability and responsibility – that will confirm that you really filed a complaint and as to whom, it could be known. Writing a letter of complaint allows you to expound your case the best way possible; you can write every detail you need to convey without missing something. It can even pacify and allow you to think in a diplomatic way without a speck of harassment or unprofessionalism.

The purpose of a complaint letter is to inform any organization that there is something you want to raise; it is something important that needs attention and resolution or else it can create another problem that might aggravate a certain thing. It is not necessarily personal, but it expresses your thoughts and opinion; your dissatisfaction; your point; and it speaks of your mind.

How to Create Your Letter of Complaint?

A letter for customer complaint should be concise, clear, and solidly written. One of the most important things to remember when writing the letter is the structure. Make sure it can address the fundamental procedure of influence –attention, interest, desire, and action. It convinces the reader to take action of what the sender of the letter wants to happen.

Your letter must contain a heading which confirms the issue and name of product or the thing that triggers your desire to complain, service, specific person, location, and other important details that can support your claim. Then assert simple facts along with appropriate dates and details. Suggest positive resolution about your complain so that the receiver can react immediately on what to do. Your letter is not about your feelings about a particular situation that drives you to write, but of the situation itself. Whether it is an issue about customer service, employee, airline or car, restaurant, product and services, or any other situations, a good and well-presented letter will create a better way to address an issue and definitely resolve a problem.



But to give you more information on how to create it, free sample letters for customer complaints are readily available in many sites that will make it easier for you to weave your thoughts and assert your concerns. These sample letters are well prepared and proven to have helped many individuals make their letter of complaint very ideal and precise.  Through these samples you will be guided from the heading to the salutation to the complimentary close of your letter. Everything you need to know is there, you only need to present the nature of your complain sans the severe emotions you might have. Basically, these sample letters are prepared by the experts who also study the best way to convey a message that requires immediate attention. Just always remember to write your letter as concise, authoritative, factual, constructive, and friendly as possible to make it very effective.