There are many places to get ideas for Info Barrel articles. Writer's block is common for many authors, and you can overcome this by using the following suggestions.

The best place to look for ideas for Info Barrel articles is your life.

Your job-What do you do for a living?

You possess great knowledge after working on the same job for a few years. On a piece of paper, jot down all of the things that you do every day and what you are responsible for. One article can be an overview of your job and it's responsibilities. Another can be a series of articles based on the smaller components of your job and how to do it.


Another place to get ideas is to look at what you do for fun in your down time. Do you have a hobby? Can you share it and it's history? What about breaking down how to do it? Are you a crafter? What materials do you use? What are your sources for your materials? Is there a type of machine that you use that you think is better than others? Is there a way you store your materials? Do you attend conventions or workshops related to your hobby? Are there groups connected to your hobby that you can write about? Have you read books about your hobby that you can review?


Do you collect something and now you are an expert? For example, do you collect stamps? You can tell the history of stamps in the United States. Are there ways to identify rare stamps? How do you catalogue and store them? Where do you go to get hard to find stamps for your collection? How do people get to be on a stamp? Whatever you collect, it can be a source of great ideas for Info Barrel articles.

Volunteer Work

Are you a volunteer for an organization? You can write an article about the organization and how it helps the community. Info Barrel is a great platform to share what you are so passionate about that you do it for free. You can share with others how you run your chapter or group. Many of my earliest articles here on Info Barrel are about my experiences as a Daisy Girl Scout Leader. In the fall, my troop is moving up to Brownies. I have another two years of articles to write about what my girls and I do at our twice monthly meetings.


Are there holidays that you celebrate that you want to share with others? Any foodsthat are traditional to your religious holidays? How about telling about customs and rituals? Can you write about the important people in the history of your faith?

Life Changes

Whether you are getting married, having one baby or more, moving across the country, lost your job, dealing with divorce or the death of a parent, you can write about these experiences. What helped you? What didn't? How did you cope?

Places You Have Visited

One way to learn about a new place is to read about it. With so many people looking on the internet for information, why not share your experiences with them writingabout it on Info Barrel? You can write an article about each place you have visited.

Where You Live

Are there local places of interest that can get a tourism boost with an article written about it on Info Barrel? School children need resources for places within their community.

Books You Have Read

Another place to get ideas for writing articles on Info Barrel is the books you have read. Have you read a good book and want to write a review about it? How about your favorite author? Can you write an article about his or her life?

Movies and Music

Have you seen any good movies lately? Heard some good tunes on a new CD? Write about the movie and the music, the actors and the band.

Counterpoint an Article You Have Read

Did you read an article here on Info Barrel or somewhere else with which you have a totally different viewpoint? Write your opinion on the matter.

With all of your personal resources to get ideas for Info Barrel articles, writer's block should be easier to overcome. Get out an idea notebook, jot them down before you forget them, and start writing!