Have you ever cleared your busy schedule and sat down in front of the computer to write an article and immediately all thoughts leave your head? All the wonderful ideas you have stored up over the course of your day disappear and now you have all the time to write but no topic to write about. Don't worry this happens to us all at one point or another. This article is designed to give you some tips and tricks about where you can go for ideas when you desperately need them.


forumForums that you belong to are a great place to find topics to write about. What do you discuss with other members in your group? Is the group centered around a theme such as cooking, self reliance, sports, hunting, movies? Is there something you are particularly good at that other people in your group ask you about? Anything that you discuss in a group can be turned into an article. If there is a topic that seems to be coming up frequently on the forum it stands to reason others are probably looking for the information also.

News Websites

cnnlogoNews Websites are a great way of finding article topics. If its a buzz worthy product, or service, and its been on the news it will normally garner some searches in the respective search engines. Maybe you know how to get your hands on a hot item around Christmas time? Is there a new business in your town that's just great and you need to tell everyone? Anything you see on the news, or in the paper can be turned into a great article.


kidsKids are a great source of article topics. What do you know about kids? Even if you don't have your own and only have your nieces and nephews or neighborhood children to study there's a story. What's the hottest gizmo, gadget, trend going lately? What are crafts children enjoy split up by age group? Do you know something about children and their organized sports?


seasonWriting for the different seasons is actually easy. Depending upon the time of year it is many article ideas should surface. You can write about holidays, special events, and outdoor activities. Think about all the events big and small that happen in your area during a particular season and there is sure to be something to write about. Maybe your spouse has an obsessive hobby during certain times of the year? Gardening, hunting, fly fishing, drag racing, swimming, pool care, camping, are just a few of the topics I can think about when I think of activities for a given season.

Late Night Tv

latetvBelieve it or not, I have actually gotten ideas for articles by watching late night television. I don't mean watching only infomercials, or CNN, but talk shows as well. I can't tell you how many times I have seen something that made me think about how it could or should be implemented into my own life.

The best advice I could give to any writer is to write what you know. Think about your life, experiences, degrees, achievements relationships, all of these things if taken in context can be turned into an article that will be read. When you go through your day make sure you jot things down! Grocery shopping and seeing price changes may make you think of inflation; picking your children up from school could lead you to think about child safety; the simplest tasks can lead to great articles. If your writers block is really bad and you can't use any of the above ask someone what they want to see written. People will often surprise you and if you write a requested article your sure to get the attention of at least one person.

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