Overview of Where to Get p90x

Purchasing Online can be a Time and Money Saver

My personal experience of where to get p90x is a pretty common story, I believe.  I had watched the infomercial countless times, became a little more interested in buying p90x each time that I watched it, and then finally decided to do some research online to see how I could order p90x at the lowest possible price.  I eventually went to Amazon.com and bought it there, because it was the best price I could find online.

Where to get p90x?
As I previously mentioned, I finally ended up buying p90x online (affiliate link) a little over 2 years ago.  The benefits from purchasing p90x from this site, that I discovered from doing a lot of research and comparisons, are:

*You can buy new or used versions of the product
*Customer reviews are available
*If you need to buy additional equipment, it can all be done using this website
*Best price I could find online

I ended up buying a used version of p90x, which cost around $86.  A new copy cost about $170 at the time, so it was about half of the normal price.  I'm very glad I decided to buy it used, because all of the workout DVDs were in good condition, the nutrition guide looked brand new, and workout calendar was in good shape.  I still use the DVDs on occasion 2 years later, and I've never had a problem with any of them.  

Currently, used versions start at $80 on Amazon.  Just make sure to look at the seller rating of each seller, because you don't want to buy product online from someone that has a lot of negative reviews.  Or you can buy a new version (currently $140) and not have to worry about potential issues that come with buying p90x used online.

p90x Equipment Needed
If you order p90x (affiliate link), there is additional equipment you will need to complete all of the workouts.  Here's an article that details the equipment needed for p90x Chest and Back.   That's basically all of the equipment you'll need; dumbbells, a pull-up bar, or resistance bands if you don’t want to use dumbbells.  You can buy resistance bands for p90x through Amazon or your local sporting goods store, along with the other necessary equipment.  Other related products, such as the p90x recovery drink, can be purchased through the website as well.

Hopefully this article helped answer the question of where to get p90x.  Please feel free to leave a comment at the end of the article with any questions or additional information that may help anyone who wants know how to buy p90x.