My preferred LCD TV's are ones installed with LED backlights, as they provide impressive colour to the extra-ordinary detail of modern HD LCD TV's. I own one of the Samsung connected variety, and the ability to watch some HD programmes on demand with such colour is a major positive. As a recent graduate, the most I am prepared to pay for a TV of good 40 - 42' size is £500 - but to stretch to that requires the most impressive combinations of quality and features. My first port of call would be the internet and supermarkets, big electronic appliance firms often charge very costly prices although they could be said to provide superior service. - Brighton,GBR

I think Best Buy would be the best place to look for an LCD tv. The pricing is pretty fair, the employees really know what they are talking about, so I feel you learn a lot.I would like a 32 inch at the very least, possibly a 40 inch, and I have to know if it can hang on the wall, and I would want to see the wall mounts they have for my selection. I think for a 32 inch, around $500 would be a great price. On a 40 inch, I think about $700 is fair, but shopping around and doing research is a great idea. - Caroline, WI
Buying an LCD is something I have been thinking about alot lately. Whenever I buy electronics I ususally go to Best Buy. They ususally have the best deals on that kind of stuff. Right now I am looking for a 40" inch LCD tv and i am thinking I will go to Best Buy because they have some on sale right now for about 1,500. Walmart has some good tv specials too. I have been searching around for the past couple weeks and In stuck between Best Buy and Walmart. I am thinking about checking out Target and Sears before I make my decision though. - Tempe, AZ
Personally I always try to get a deal with shelf display units at Best Buy, I got my current LCD with a full warranty for half the price. Most of the time you can ask the store employee for a deal on display units and almost everytime they will agree to sell the actual LCD on display. If they are unable to find the remote for it you can make a deal for them to throw in a universal remote for free which is what I did when buying my Samsung LCD. As for how much Id be willing to pay for a television, I try not to pay over $800, $1000 is the maximum ill pay for a television. As far as brands go I always go with name brand, whether its LCD or Plasma, granted this is not always advised by employees at Best Buy, they will usually tell you "It doesn"t matter", but it does matter, personally I always go with Samsung or Panasonic, I own a Samsung LCD and a Panasonic Plasma, they have outlasted all my other no name brands TV's. For size, I cannot deal with anything lower than a 40" screen size, 40" is the lowest Ill go, 45+ up is preferred. - Glendale, CA
Buying an LCD is an important purchase so it's best to plan ahead. My favorite places to visit for purchasing an LCD TV are, Best Buy, Walmart and Pricegrabber. The TV brands that I prefer are Samsung and Sony however I am willing to buy any TV that matches my specifications and if it has gotten good enough reviews. My preferred TV size is 32 inches because I feel it fits a room just right and it is big enough for everything I want to do on it. Due to the current technology and market, I'd pay about 300 dollars for a new 32 inch TV. These TV's used to go for 500 or more a couple years ago. - Avondale, AZ