China is a land of great contrasts. Ancient traditions and new technological advances. Sprawling cities and quaint villages. Natural wonders and amazing man made feats. With all these opposing forces one might thing China is in a constant battle against itself, but this is not the case. Here opposites flow together freely as if they were always meant to be, the ancient and the new right along side each other. This makes China an ideal destination for many different travelers. Whether you're looking for ancient civilizations, a trek through unique wilderness or the bustle of a futuristic city you'll find it here.


The Old

The Great Wall: The obvious must see for any traveler in China. Even if you're not a history buff or an architect, this amazing feat of man's ingenuity is sure to stun you. The construction of this massive wall began over 2000 years ago with packed earth, then later stone slabs and bricks and (rumored) bones of dead workers.

Forbidden City: Located in the very center of Beijing, the Forbidden City is China's largest Forbidden City(134775)Credit: most preserved ancient city. Named for being off limits for near 500 years due to strict ritual and protocol this place is a must see for any history lovers.

Terracotta Warriors: This subterranean army stand as guardians to the tomb of Qin Shi Huang. Among the thousands of warriors that stand in battle formation no two soldiers faces are alike.


The New

Zaia: A nightly show in Macau, Zaia features amazing high wire acrobatics and choreographed dances. A must see for theatre and circus lovers alike. 

Island Beverley Mall: For the strangest collection of shopping stores in Beijing, the Island Beverley will not disappoint. Local clothing and household wares garments from all over asia and a vast assortment of useless but adorable knick knacks.

Propoganda Poster Art Center: This unique little showroom in Shanghi carries a vast collection of original propoganda posters from the 1950's through the 70's. Often cartoonish and over exagerated, its amazing these posters were ever taken seriously.


The Wild


Huang Shan: The sharp granite peaks, towering pines and gorgeous views on Huang Shan make for an excellent escape from the fast moving cities. Ascend the mountain by steps or cable car. Spend the day exploring the amazing views and relax in the evening at the peaceful hot springs.

Shaanxi Rare Wild Animals Rescue and Research Centre: One of many rescue centers through out China, volunteer at Shaanxi and help care for and rehabilitate Giant pandas, goldTiger Leaping Gorge(134778)Credit: monkeys and more. 


Tiger Leaping Gorge: One of the world's deepest gorges, Tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the best treks in China. Hikers spend anywhere from 3 days to a week enjoying these spectacular views. Come during May or June for the best plant and flower scenery.