Get Your Own Web Site For Free

Free Web Host Account OptionsCredit: javrsmith

Infobarrel and other content rich sites are great for various kinds of articles but you may want to explore the available free web host accounts as well. These can give you your own personal web site which can be more flexible than the article sites such as Infobarrel. For example, you may want to have an Internet application that viewers can use. This is not possible with any of the article content sites. You may also want to develop an entire theme with linked menus, photos and your own revenue generating blocks. Again, this is not possible through an article content site.

If you are thinking about getting a web host, you can try out one or more of the free options first. These allow you to try out your ideas in a variety of ways. Depending on the web host, you may have many features that you can use on your free site. Some of these are remarkably capable, in fact. Here are some free web host options to consider.
This is a free site that lets you set up your own blog site using the Wordpress content management system. Wordpress is a free utility that can be used on any hosting account. Many paid accounts offer Wordpress automatically. is a free site that lets you use the system for free. You simply register an account and start working with the site, setting up your blog. If you choose the free option, you get an address such as There are many advanced features that are not available to the free accounts but they are quite usable. A number of upgrades, such as your own web address, (, can be purchased as needed.
This is the free site offered by Google. Easy to use for basic blog posting. Many authors have found that a Blogger account, with sufficient content, gives them a great way to successfully apply for a Google Adsense account. With this account, the blogger site can be monetized with advertising blocks. Unlike other content sites, these ad blocks return 100% of the generated revenue to the author.
This platform is still around, having undergone many significant changes from the time that it was practically the top blogging site. Still worthy of a look as it still offers an easy way to publish content for free.

Byet Internet Services offers users a basic hosting account that is loaded with features such as mysql database, PHP programming, FTP access and more. For those people interested in persuing more advanced content publishing, PHP gives you the means to fully customize the web site. In addition, Byet has been ranked as the fastest free host site in the world. Unlike many free sites, the sign up process is fully automated, fast and problem free. Web masters can opt to purchase their own domain name, (, or they can use a generic account, ( Control of the site is performed via a control panel interface. Those used to web development will find the development tools to be quite familiar, although the site does not use Cpanel, perhaps the most popular site management tool in use today. Like many of the free services, Byet offers many upgrades for reasonable costs. Their free offering, however, is very rich. Although the free service uses a generic address, each free site can have 5500 MB of storage and 200GB of monthly data transfer. These are high enough quotas to handle web sites of significant size. The site offers free support and there are no ads placed on the free web sites by Byet. As an educational platform, this web hosting plan likely cannot be bettered.

Your Internet Provider
If you subscribe to an Internet service plan, you may find that your provider includes a free web hosting account. Check with your provider to be sure. If they do, it will likely give you a generic web address such as It may also be restrictive as to the type of content. It likely won't offer any advanced features such as PHP, SQL, Wordpress, etc. Still, this approach could be useful to many people and the price, (free), is right. Depending on the service provider, there may be additional options available as well. Many companies offer dedicated service which will allow your own domain to be used. You can buy a domain from a seller such as Godaddy and link it to your free host plan. This will give you more control over the site. Check whether it is an option available from your service provider. At the very least, it should give you a source for backlinks to your Infobarrel articles that is totally under your control.

This site seems to hold potential as a free web host provider. There are many users actively using the site. The free package includes SQL and PHP programming support, ample quotas and a help feature. There are available upgrades that can be paid for as needed. Unfortunately, the sign up process is fairly involved and requires manual approval by the system operator. Several potential users have commented that a 10 day wait for approval is not unusual. Many of these people waited only to receive word that their application had been denied. The reasons for the denials were not clear. You can register a generic account such as The site makes mention of the fact that you can obtain a free "CO.CC" domain name for your free account. This would allow you to establish a web site on 0000Free called Your-Domain.CO.CC. Unfortunately, the rules of the CO.CC domain state that you have to take control of your free domain name within 48 hours. Since the approval process at 0000Free takes significantly longer, there would appear to be a major flaw for those wishing to use the free CO.CC domain name. As an experiment, a free CO.CC domain name was established using the Google nameserver. This is an attempt to get around the timing difference between the 0000Free account set up and the need to activate the CO.CC domain in 48 hours. Stay tuned to see if the experiment works out.