You won't waste time walking around Las Vegas if you know where to park.

People forget how big the Las Vegas Strip is. You get out there and start walking and you quickly find that the distances between the casinos is vast. And if it's in the middle of the summer, you're going to melt. So if you want to explore The Strip, you're going to need a car. And if you have a car, you're going to have to park it. And if you're going to park it, you want to park as close as possible to where you're going.

All the casinos, at least good ones, have valet parking. But valet parking can be expensive and depending on where they park the cars and how many people are in front of you in line, you could be waiting a long time for your car.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

Parking in Las Vegas can be a pain and hassle. These places are easy simple, and free. So go out an enjoy yourself in Vegas without worrying about where you're going to park.

Here are some good options for parking your car and some places you're just going to want to avoid.

Places to Park in Las Vegas

  • The Paris Las Vegas casino is surprisingly compact so it's parking garage is within easy reach of The Strip. To get there, you can go through Bally's right next door or just head north on S Las Vegas Blvd and hang a right onto Audrie. You'll go up a ramp on the outside of the structure and you'll find yourself on the Notre Dame floor of the lot (all the floors are names after Parisian landmarks). From there, it's a quick walk into the casino and out to The Stip.
  • Bill's Gamblin' Hall is really a complete dive. You don't want to spend any more time in there than you have to. But it's lot is so convenient if you want to Cesar's Palace. If you're heading north on The Strip, make a right on E Flamingo Road and an almost immediate left into the parking lot. See how close that is? The lot is tight and you'll want to be careful to avoid the angry drunks that might be driving in there, but you can't find a more convenient spot, so it's worth the risk. Once you find your spot, descend the elevator to the main casino floor and head out for closest exit. Take the escalator and bridge over to Caesars Palace or to grab a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipty.
  • The Bellagio is one of the nicest hotels on The Strip. Lucky for you, they also have one of the best parking garages. Instead of being beind the casino, like some of the behemoth properties, the parking garage is tucked nicely along the side, making it a breeze to get in, park and get into the casino. You'll enter the property on W Bellagio Drive and simply follow the signs to the Self-Parking. Of course, there are several levels and you'll have more luck finding a spot in the higher ones. All require a quick elevator trip down to the casino level so they are equally convenient. Once in the casino, it's a short walk out to the front to enjoy the dancing waters or wander up and down the strip.
  • Fashion Show Mall has one of the best places to park in all of Las Vegas. For one thing, it's directly across from the Wynn, and kitty-corner from The Venitian, so you've got a couple of the top casinos right across the street. For another thing, the parking lot is directly on the street. You can stand on The Strip and look down into the Blue section of the lot. You'll find the entrance on Spring Mountain Drive. What you'll want to is when you get into the lot, head right and go to the Blue section. You can catch an escalator from there directly to the street. It couldn't be any more convenient.

Places Not to Park

Unless you going to the MGM Grand, absolutely do not park in their lot. The MGM is one of the biggest hotels in the world and their lot is behind the casino, so you can imagine how far it is from the lot to The Strip. It's almost a half a mile! If you want to get to New York, New York across the street, fugetaboutit!! Just park there.

Mandalay Bay is the same. The lot is very convenient if you're going to the Mandalay Bay (or maybe Luxor), but not much else. It's at the south end of The Strip, so if you want to get out see some of the other casinos, you're going to be hoofing it for a long, long time. Unless you're eating, staying or gambling there, avoid the Mandalay Bay parking lot like the plague.

That's it. Hope you have a great, stress-free trip to Sin City! And remember, wherever you park, take note of the floor, the color or the name so you can easily get back to your car when you're ready to go home.

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Las Vegas Parking Locations