A full bookshelf can look like a stack of dollar bills if you are ready to sell your books, but first you need to know where to sell used books. While textbooks usually sell fastest, almost any type of used book sells online. Making space on your shelves for all the newest releases was never so lucrative.


Books, CDs and other types of media sell at Half.com. This group is an eBay partner and the user interface is extremely similar. If you are an eBay user, this gives you a head start because your account is tied to your eBay information. At Half.com you post your book and price it yourself. The site gives you comparable listings so you can price your item competitively. Shipping is on top of the sales price and you indicate which ways you are willing to send items. When signing up for eBay or Half.com you do not need a credit card, though a PayPal account is encouraged. Your item is listed for as long as it takes to sell, so you need to price your items accordingly. As long as you have a PayPal account the buyer can pay that way, then you get an email that you need to ship your item. Half.com lumps payments together and sends them to sellers twice a month. Half.com is where to sell used books if you are not in a rush to complete the sale. Half.com is also a great place to buy used books.


Amazon.com’s selling format is similar to Half.com in how you sell and how buyers view various items for sale. When a buyer searches for the book you are selling the search results show your listing and all others for that book. One main difference between the sites is that Amazon.com is much more credit card oriented. You do not need a credit card to have an account at Amazon.com, but the simplest way to pay is with credit cards. Like Half.com, your book remains listed until it sells and there is no guarantee your book will sell quickly. Like Half.com, Amazon.com is where to sell used books if you do not need the money in a hurry and is a great place to buy used books.


With Cash4Books.net, you do not pay shipping and you have a general idea of how much you will get for your books up front. If you are not happy with the quote provided by the site you simply remove the books from your online “cart”. No credit card is required because you are paid by check or PayPal. The website interface allows you to enter the ISBN, or identification numbers for each of your books, and receive a price quote. This way you can compare the amount offered to the current going rate at your local bookstore. Cash4Books.net does not accept all books, however, so it is key to enter all your ISBN into the user interface to check if your book will be accepted. You cannot buy used books from this site.


At SellBackYourBook.com, most books accepted are those that have been published recently. SellBackYourBook.com’s business is much like Cash4Books.net’s. This means that you get faster funds than you do when selling at Half.com or Amazon.com, but possibly less money. Payment is made by check or through PayPal, so no credit card is required. SellBackYourBook.com will pay for standard shipping. You cannot buy used books from SellBackYourBook.com.

No matter the website you choose, taking steps to sell back books can be a lucrative endeavor. Decide which way to sell them is best for you then you will be padding your wallet soon. Reducing clutter and increasing bookshelf space are just added bonuses.