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With each season, babies and kids outgrown most, or all, of their clothes. Luckily there are plenty of options for where to sell used clothes for kids so you can earn some cash to replace your growing child’s wardrobe. There are however, advantages and disadvantages to each option.


ThredUp is an online consignment shop for children’s clothes. Become a member of ThredUp for free and the company will send you bags and boxes to pack your kids’ gently used clothes in. You then list the box on the website with the number of items, season, boys or girls clothes, and size. When another parent buys your box, you ship it directly to that parent. No photos required. Boxes sell for $9 to $16, of which you can earn about $5 to $10, if the buyer rates your box highly. This isn’t a place to unload your well-loved and well-worn second hand baby clothes. Only sell your best used kids clothes that do not have stains or tears. You earn the money in credits. You can choose to cash out your credits, or buy boxes of cheap kids clothes.


Selling old clothes on eBay is a mixed bag. The market for second hand clothes at eBay is saturated, especially for baby and kids clothes, and you have to make a trip or two to the post office for shipping. But well worded listings and name brand used clothes do sell for a good price on eBay. To make the most of eBay when selling used clothes, list your best high-end or name brand pieces as individual pieces and put everything else into lots. For example, if you are selling second hand baby clothes on eBay, name brands such as Janie and Jack and Gymboree in near new condition sell well. All the other clothes in good to new condition and of the same size should be put into one box and sold as a lot. This will sell better and shipping one large box is much more convenient than several small boxes.  Good photos are also a must.


By posting your used clothes on Craigslist, you can avoid any shipping charges. Like eBay, high-end clothes will sell best listed individually, while gently used clothes sell best as a box. Posting pictures will also help sell the clothes and do expect some buyers to want to negotiate.

Children’s Thrift Shop

Children’s thrift stores, such as the national franchise chain Once Upon a Child, are convenient and will give you cash on the spot, not just for gently used clothes, but also for baby gear, toys, and more. However, children’s second hand shops will only buy clothes and gear that are in almost new condition. And even if your items are brand new, they may not buy it from you. They will only buy seasonal clothes, so you can’t sell them your children’s’ winter coats in June. Also, the inventory of a children’s thrift shop changes daily and they don’t store surplus inventory. If they already have racks of unsold winter coats, they may not need to buy any more. Expect to get about 25% to 50% of what the store will sell the items for.tips for garage sales

Garage Sale

If you have enough household items for a garage sale, then include your kids’ second hand clothes. Garage sales are the easiest way to sell used clothes. People come to you and often buy in bulk. But don’t expect to make a killing selling clothes at a garage sale. At 25 cents per item, you’ll sell out. At 50 cents, people will negotiate for lower prices or walk on by.

Choose where to sell used clothes based on what’s convenient for you and the type of clothes you have. If you have second hand clothes worn only once, still in style, and high-end, then you will get more promoting selling them individually at eBay or on Craigslist. If you have boxes and boxes of gently used baby or kids clothes, then go for convenience and sell these old clothes at ThredUp, a second hand shop, or garage sale.