London is a fabulous city for tourists. There are amazing sights and attractions. Travel to London is easy as it is a major destination for most of the worlds' airlines. A visit to London should be high on everyone's list of things to do. Where should you stay? There are literally thousands of accommodation options across 610 square miles. There are many reasonable choices. The best, though, is in Paddington.

Paddington is a London neighborhood. It is centrally located and has a large number of tourist attractions within it or close. Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Hyde Park, and much more, are close major sites that most tourists will see. The area houses a major hospital and the most important police security station in England. Paddington Station is an important transit facility. This station is easily reached by many modes of transportation and is the terminus of the Heathrow Express train. Heathrow Express is a great way for many tourists to travel from their arrival flight at Heathrow Airport into the city of London. The wise traveler will look for a hotel in or near Paddington to save money and time.

The area is located very close to the King's Cross Station which is a major English railway terminal. Trains leave daily from this station to north and east points including Scotland, Leeds and Newcastle. The station is starting point of trains traveling to Cambridge and Norwich. Immediately next to King's Cross Station is St. Pancras station which is the London terminus for European trains and high-speed trains to Kent. These two railway stations share the underground station King's Cross St. Pancras which is just a few stations away from Paddington Station.



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Trips from Paddington to Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or the city core take very little time. Many of the top attractions are withing walking distance. The area is well served by buses and the tube. Taxi cab fares from here to the top tourist attractions are very reasonable and fast.

Within Paddington, tourists can find pubs, shops and restaurants as well as basic services. There are grocery stores, pharmacies and laundromats throughout the area. A visitor to London staying in this area will have many sights to see and will have modern conveniences close at hand. As the area is very far from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports, there are seldom any overhead airplane flights which makes it quieter. The large motorways are fairly distant. Since Hyde Park runs along most of the southern border, visitors usually find that it is a very quiet location.

Paddington is a very safe area as is the whole city of London. The large police station ensures that emergency assistance is quickly available. The station also serves to deter many of the criminals who might operate in the area. Families visiting London report that Paddington parks and streets are very safe for children. Proper precaution is always advised. Other emergency services are located in the area. A major hospital and several large fire stations are within the area boundaries.

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Elysee Hotel

A great hotel to consider in Paddington is Elysee Hotel. It is located on a quiet street, it has good services and is a very reasonable cost. Visitors to the hotel consistently rank it very highly and most intend to stay there again. There is a good pub across the street and many fine restaurants are close. The hotel offers wireless Internet and flat screen television. There is an good, optional continental breakfast that you may consider.

Visitors to London should be aware that American style hotels are very expensive or simply not available. Rooms tend to be much smaller, often with limited services. The Elysee Hotel offers a good compromise between the American style hotel and the plain ones found in London.

Be aware that some of the rooms offered are compact. This refers to a room that is just large enough to hold the bed and not much else. The bathroom will be down the hall. Many visitors prefer the compact room as it is the best value. Tourists generally spend little time in their London hotel rooms so a large size is often wasteful. Visitors staying for more than a couple of nights may want to consider the upgrade to a standard size room.

If you are housed in a compact room and find it too small, you may find it helpful to visit the pub next door for a relaxing evening before you return to your room to sleep.

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Tourists to London are always surprised to find that facecloths are rarely provided in English hotels. If this type of cloth is important to you, you may want to pack a few of them with you in your luggage. Most hotel rooms offer a drying rack so you will be able to use the facecloth and hang it to dry afterwards. Don't forget to take your facecloths with you, if you bring them. Sheets and towels are usually quite frugal in Europe.

London tourists have many choices of attractions across the whole city. Paddington makes a great base for tourism as it is central. All major tourist sights are close whether the tourist is on foot, taxi, bus or tube. By foot, you would expect to walk to Hyde Park, Paddington Station and Buckingham Palace. By taxi, you would find a trip to the Tower of London, the city core or Kew Gardens to be fast and reasonably priced.

The buses or tube lead to Greenwich and the outer areas of London. Many trains leave Paddington bound for points across the country. In short, Paddington is a central hub. Wise tourists know that this is a great area to visit and offers excellent hotel rooms at reasonable prices. Hotels just a couple of miles away, in the core area or along the river Thames, are often two or three times the price of Paddington hotel rooms. Visitors to London should explore the city and not be concerned with the style of their hotel. Luckily, Paddington hotels, like the Elysee, give great value for the money and are located in the most convenient area of London.