Manchester United are arguably one of the biggest football clubs in the world. A huge following of supporters both domestically and internationally has led to the team becoming as much a brand as a football club. It is the desire of many fans to own and proudly wear a replica shirt. However, where is best to buy a Manchester United Shirt?

The most obvious place to buy a Manchester United shirt is from the club themselves. Manchester United have a large superstore at their Old Trafford stadium and maintain a comprehensive online store providing not just replica shirts but a wide variety of fashion items and memorabilia. Buying direct from the club has its advantages – all of the profit from the sale funds the football club directly. However, the downside is that you will pay a premium price. Shirts bought directly from the club can cost in excess of £44.

Being such a big club, it is not difficult to find Manchester United Shirts. In fact they can be found easily in many high street stores at considerably knocked down prices. Stores selling sports and leisurewear often use football shirts as "lossleader" meaning that they can be often picked up for as little as £25.

As with many goods, you could buy your Manchester United Shirt online. Many online retailers offer football shirts for sale and they can also be easily picked up on ebay although there are a great many fake football shirts out there and it pays to be cautious. Ask to see photographs of the badge on the shirt and look for poor stitching. Also ask to see pictures of the tags, these are often the best clue as to whether a shirt is genuine or not. It also pays to be wary of shirts found on market stalls or whilst on holiday. These are often fake, sometimes good ones but it should be noted that the quality will be inferior and no part of the sale will assist your club financially.

Once you have decided where you are going to buy a Manchester United shirt, you then need to decide which to buy. Many football clubs nowadays offer several strips and Man Utd are no different. For the 2010/11 season, Manchester United are offering the traditional red home shirt, a blue away shirt, a white 3rd shirt for both outfield players and goalkeeper, in both short and long sleeves. This means that there are a total of 12 different shirts to choose from and each can be customised with players names and numbers as well competition logos. There is also an increasing market for retro shirts which are becoming more and more popular. These are easiest to find online.

So, if you want to demonstrate your allegiance with a current shirt, or perhaps make a fashion statement with a retro shirt, the options are endless and there are many stores out there. Just shop around, look out for fakes and look forward to supporting your team!