There are different rice cookers in the zojirushi Micom range. For example there is the 3 cup Micom as well as the NS-TGC10 5.5 cup rice cooker. These machines are very similar. The only real difference is their capacity. 3 cup rice cookers are the perfect size for people living alone as well as couples. They are actually large enough to feed small families. The NS-TGC10 5.5 cup machine on the other hand is large enough to feed up to ten people when filled to capacity. This does not mean you have to make this much rice each time. In fact 5.5 cup rice cookers can be used comfortably by people who live alone.

Zojirushi are known throughout Japan for their top quality rice cooking machines. They have the largest market share out of any of the Japanese electronics manufacturers. This goes to show how much faith the Japanese themselves have in this brand. They are not the cheapest rice steamers that are available today but that is not what they are trying to be. They are premium products for people who are looking for the best tasting rice they can find. It is not just the taste but the light and fluffy texture that these machines are capable of producing. Micom rice cookers come with a variety of useful extras. These include Zojirushi rice measuring cups. These cups are the exact size to match up with the water level marks on the inside of the cooking bowl. Anyone buying a Zojirushi Micom rice cooker will also get a non-stick plastic rice spatula and a spatula holder too. The rice cooking bowl in these machines is thick and flat bottomed. These devices also feature Zojirushi's patented Neuro Fuzzy Logic technology. This is a feature that gives the cookers the power to make tiny temperature changes as the rice is actually cooking. This helps to avoid the rice burning as well as guarantees that the finished product will come out delicious and fluffy every time. To find out where to buy a Zojirushi Micom rice cooker you can read a more detailed review on the site Japanese rice cookers. I think that these are great kitchen appliances. They both look great and function well. Their stainless steel finish makes them stylish enough to match most kitchens. Also they are very easy to wipe down and keep clean on the outside. Then on the inside, the inner lid comes out. This makes it easy to get it spotlessly clean too. Simply giving it a wash in some warm soapy water is enough.

Eating rice is great for health. It provides an abundant source of carbohydrates and is much lower fat than things like french fries. Therefore using a Zojirushi rice cooker is one way to get a great tasting food that is good for your health.