You see more and more people using the longboard to transport themselves in big cities like Amsterdam and New York. The longboarding is one of the hottest extreme sports of the last years. The board is not only great for transport, but can also be used to perform tricks in the skate park, slalom or to attend downhill races. The only annoying aspect of longboarding is the lack of specialized longboard shops. These are really rare, especially outside the United States. The purpose of this article therefore is to discuss the best longboard stores all over the world to buy your first board.


Dutch web shop that sells longboards for the lowest price seen so far. Their shipping costs are also extremely low, so even for people outside Europe; it might be worth a visit. They also offer the so called ‘sick deals’, where they sell excess supplies for bottom prices. Their support is of the highest quality too. There is a live support function on the website that enables you to directly chat with employees of Sickboards.

This is the most passionate longboarding shop that exists. The people behind really love the sport and what they are doing: Selling high quality longboards for a fair price.  The service is even better than at Sickboards, mainly because the owners are fanatic longboarders themselves too. However their stock is somewhat low, products are often sold out. is the biggest longboard store. If you are looking for something special or obscure, you will find it here. It seems they have every longboard that was made the last twenty years. Their stock is big too; it rarely occurs that something is out of stock. However prices are a bit higher than other shops. claims that it is the best longboard shop on the whole internet. However their prices are the highest and the service is mediocre at best. The only advantage of this shop is that shipping costs are really low and that the shipping occurs very fast. So if you really need your longboard very fast for whatever reason, is the way to go. But in all other cases, the other shops are a much better choice.

Conclusion is the best option if you are looking for something specific. However if you need some good advice, maybe go to Sickboards has cost leadership and ships the fastest.