The traditional slush machine can be found in a number of locations and is a favorite drink of many people. Over the years a few companies have developed models of these, with slurpees and slush puppies becoming synonymous with the machines. As a refreshing summer drink it is hard to beat and wherever the machines are located they tend to get well used.

A syrup base is the first ingredient required to make a traditional slush drink. When mixed with water and frozen this forms a sweet, semi solid liquid. This base liquid can then be mixed with any number of flavors to produce the final slush drink.

While cola tends to be one of the favorite flavors, many of the others are based around fruit. There are many, many flavors and pineapple, strawberry, orange and apple are just a few of these. There are also a few more unusual flavors with bubble gum and twizzler being a couple of these.

The slush puppie machine is a well known slush machine for sale. This has been around for 40 years now and is as popular today as when it was first introduced. There are various models of this machine available. If you are interested in buying one there are a few companies that can help. Some of those to consider include Slush Puppie Products, Allen Associates and Slush Puppie Tri-State Inc.

While commercial slush machines are the most common there are smaller home versions available. If you want a machine that you can use to make slush drinks in you home then you should give consideration to margarita machines for sale. Many of these are smaller and appropriate for a residential kitchen. They are simple to use and can make iced slush drinks quickly and easily. This can make them a good appliance to have in your home.

It can be great to provide friends and family with a refreshing drink during the hotter times of the summer months. If you have a slush machine available this is simple to do and it is an appliance that will get a lot of use. Kids especially like these types of sweet drinks and the many flavors available mean you shouldn't get bored with it.

A slush machine may be something that you only use on occasions. If this is the case then renting one when needed can be more cost effective than buying. There are a few companies that provide this type of service and two of the names to consider are Margarita Man and Cabana Boy. These both have equipment for rent which can be used for parties, fetes or other events.

There is a wide variation in the cost of buying a slush machine. This can range from the low hundreds into the mid thousands of dollars. A minimum of around $100 can be paid for smaller machines aimed at the home market. However $3,000 plus can be the price for some of the larger commercial machines that are available.