Riding Lesson

Horse back riding lessons can be very good for children. The kids are out getting exercise, not sitting in front of the TV. They should learn to care for the horse at the horse back riding lessons. But horse back riding lessons can be expensive, especially depending on your area. If you live in or near a large city where there are not many farms around the lessons are going to be more expensive as they will probably have to take place at a horse arena or other large facility.

If you live in a more rural area you will most likely be able to find someone giving horse back riding lessons at a much cheaper rate as there will be more around and the general cost of living and boarding horses will be less than the city.

Where should you like for an instructor for your child's horse back riding lessons? If they have a friend that is getting them, and they like their instructor, you should start with them. If you don't know of any other children and can't find any here are some additional ideas:

  • Ask at the local feed mills if they know of anyone or check their bulletin board
  • Check the area farm stores to see if they know anyone
  • Go for a drive past some places that you know have horses and watch for signs for 'Horse back riding lessons' along the road
  • You could even stop at a farm that has horses to ask about riding lessons, although calling would be better if you can locate phone number
  • Check local community websites to see if any has posted an ad there
  • Post an ad asking for horse back riding lessons, many times these will be free
  • Watch the newspaper, especially agricultural type papers.
  • Look for local horse riding clubs and ask there
  • Watch for special events involving horses like a rodeo or barrel racing competition
You are going to want to locate a horse back riding instructor that your children like and are willing to listen too. But the instructor is not the only factor involved in the decision. You will want to be comfortable with the instructor's horses, unless you are supplying your own horse.

Rates for the horse back riding lessons are going to vary depending on the area, facilities and other amenities. If you can locate more than one option it may be worth your while to shop around and do some comparison shopping, maybe even take lessons for a couple different instructors until you find one you are comfortable with.