Where can I get a payday loan?

Get your financial information. Before you go out and get a loan, there are a few things you will need. Sense payday lenders don't require you to have a good credit score, a credit report isn't mandatory. However, you will need to secure a bank statement and pay stub from your job for the last six months. If you don't have either of these, get any financial information that you think will help secure a loan.

Secure a co-signer. This step is only for those who don't have the six months of employment or bank statements to verify they are applicable. You can ask a friend, co-worker or family member to come to you with a check stub and they will be able to co-sign for you.

Loan references. This isn't required but if you don't have six months of bank statements or pay stubs, it would help your odds if you had someone who you work with or a personal friend vouch for your credibility. This usually works if you are dealing directly with the owner or manager.

Prosper. Many people aren't aware of Prosper, which is a person to person lending environment which gives private lenders the opportunity to make a profit from lending to people like you. Finding this site is very easy but the application process might take a few hours. The great thing about this site is, you don't have to have a lot of credit or collateral because many lenders are willing to take on the risk in exchange for a higher interest rate.

Local payday lenders. You can either go to Google or your local yellow pages to find the nearest payday lender but you will need to find the lender nearest to you. Make sure you have all the pay stubs and bank records for the last six months.

Online Payday lenders. You can also find payday lenders online which will be available by searching through Google or other search engines under 24 hour loans. You should be suspicious of any loans given at unusually low interest rates. You should always expect to pay higher interest rates due to the nature of the business.

BBB verified. Never deal with a company or business online unless they are verified by the Better Business Bureau. If you find a company or go to a website that doesn't have an accredited  BBB seal at the bottom of the page, you should stay away from these sites.