Cheap Stock PhotoAdding pictures to your Info Barrel articles is a good way to make them more appealing. One of the nice things about Info Barrel is that you can upload your own pictures to supplement your articles. This is nice for many types of articles, like when your making a craft or something step by step, you can take pictures at each step.

But what do you do if you don't have much of an ability to take pictures or just need a quick picture to add to an article? There are many web sites that offer royalty free images at little to no cost. These sites can supply almost any type of image you desire to include in your article. There is a wide range of websites, offering microstock images for free, cheap stock photos and some very expensive stock photos. Obviously for your Info Barrel articles you are going to focus on the free and cheap stock photo sites.

  • stock.xchng is a good stock photo site that offers free stock photos. They claim to be the leading free stock web site, which I can't argue with. They are a part of IStockPhoto, which is listed below.
  • Multimedia-Stock offers more than just free stock photos, including free fonts and sounds
  • photoXpress is Fotolia's offering of free stock photos, you do need to register to be able to download the images. This is the site that supplied the image at the bottom of this article.
  • IStockPhoto is a microstock website, the owner of stock.xchng, which offers millions of high quality stock photos as cheap as $2 per image, cheaper if you buy more credits. They offer a free image every week and the image at the top of this article was recently one of them.
  • Shutterstock offers over 11 million cheap stock images. They used to be largely subscription based but do now have an option to purchase images as you go.
  • Fotolia is a microstock site based in the United Kingdom that offers over 9 million stock photos as cheaply as 75 cents.
  •, as you can see from the comments, this is relatively new site offering free public domain images.  It's nice in that you can use the image and don't have to give attributation to the original photography (although as a photographer, it would be nice).
  • If you know of any other sources of free images for you articles, please add them in the comments below.

This list is by no means complete, there are other sites available, but these sites offer plenty of cheap stock photos. If you do use any of the images from these sites be sure to respect the original photographers copyright and follow the sites terms of service.

It is possible to get very high quality images for your InfoBarrel articles from these sites, although you may need to sift through quite a few.  Another consideration when using images from these sites is that the photo is not exclusively yours, there would be a chance, however remote, that the same image could appear in someone elses article as well.

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