There are lots of clothes that you can buy for your character with the coins that you earn in Dizzywood. There are four different clothing stores in Dizzywood and each one sells different clothes.

Presto's Edge

The main clothing store is in Presto's Edge right near the entrance from Presto's Grove and before you get to the Furniture Store. You can buy many different types of clothing here and there are different choices for boys and girls. Most of the clothes cost either 300 or 600 coins per item and the clothing choices change every few weeks. This is also where Gold Explorers can buy their special members-only items.

Explorer's Camp

The clothing store in the Explorer's Camp is called the Clothing Tent. It is in the group of tents around the campfire and it is easily spotted because there is a sign right next to it that says, Clothing Tent. You can buy a lot of different clothing items here. They tend to be like the ones you can get at the main store in Presto's Edge.

Breakwater Beach

The Beach Hut is a popular clothing store on the shores of Breakwater Beach. It is operated by Cecil Sideshuffle, who can be seen standing next to it. The Beach Hut specializes in selling beachwear and accessories like sunglasses and even umbrellas, shovels and pails. This is a great place to go to buy clothes for your character if you want to have a beach party or something like that.

Sky Town

The clothing store in Sky Town Skate Park is called the Skate Shop and it is right across the bridge from Olivia Kickflip. Click on the door of the shop to see the clothing they sell. It is all skater-themed clothing and accessories. The Sky Town Skate Shop also sells several different skate boards that you can use in Dizzywood.