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For those adventurous souls who want to go bungee jumping in London one can go up 160 feet and have this exhilarating experience with the magnificent 02 Arena as a backdrop at London Bungee Jump. One will be able to take an ankle dive style bungee jump from his or her perch atop a giant crane.  This is one of the most exhilarating and adventurous things to do in London for both residents and tourists alike.  With this backdrop and the height and great view from the top of that crane this is one of the most amazing city based bunging jumping locations that one will ever find.  One will be able to find online deals and vouchers that will offer great savings when booking this bungee jump experience. 

How to book a bungee experience

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In order to go bungee jumping in London one should try to make reservations 4-6 weeks in advance in order to be assured a spot for these weekend jumps.  Should one have a voucher or special deal he or she should be mindful of booking before the deal’s expiry date.  A single jump including the preparations one will receive from an instructor, suiting up, and the actual jump and removal of harness will take about one hour so one should plan accordingly.  Keep in mind that merchandise and DVDs of the big event will be available for sale at the site of the jump and one should allot a bit of time to collect those things if desired. 

There are safety restrictions for bungee jumping in London

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When one decides to go bungee jumping in London there are several rules that must be followed.  Jumpers must be fourteen years of age, but those under sixteen must have parental permission and a signature in order to jump.  There are minimum and maximum weight restrictions as well.  One must be able to properly wear a waist harness and cannot be too thin or too thick at the waist to do so.  One must have a signed not from a doctor if he or she is beyond the 50s in age.  Furthermore, those wishing to bungee jump in London should be in good health and should not be pregnant at the time.  Those with health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart ailments, epilepsy and neck or back problems should not attempt to bungee jump.  Any other chronic health problem and all medications one uses should be discussed with the professionals at the jump center prior to making a reservation.  Those who are intoxicated will not be permitted to make a jump.  One must remove glasses and contacts before making a jump as well.

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For those interested in bungee jumping in London, the experience can be a fun, exhilarating and memorable one, especially by bringing along family or friends to take photos and made more so by following some simple rules that will insure safety and a good time for everyone involved.