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As the snow melts and the water flows down from the gorgeous mountains, white water rafting in Colorado becomes a more and more popular thing to do.  This activity can be done in most of the warmer months but is especially popular in the spring.  There are multiple locations well suited to rafting in Colorado.  White water rafting holidays often involved camping and hiking and great scenery and offer a chance for a great outdoor adventure.  Colorado River rafting is a fun and exciting outdoor experience.  In order to enjoy a white water rafting experience careful planning including deciding on a location suited to the level of difficulty of the white water and rapids is important. Those enjoying Colorado white water rafting will find that some locations offer family friendly, calmer waters while others are full-out roaring rapids that take some skill and a great deal of adventurous spirit to navigate.

Some white water rafting locations in Colorado

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The Arkansas River is one of the most popular for those who want to go white water rafting in Colorado. This location offers several different white river rafting areas along well over 125 miles.  There are areas that are calmer and suitable to families and beginning rafters and there are other areas where those that are looking for a more rough water experience will find quite a challenge. The scenery along this river is quite breathtaking.   The Colorado River offers departures at a variety of cities and it too has a mix of areas suited to calmer rafting and much more difficult areas with heavy rapids.  The Cache la Poudre River offers great runs but is not for beginners intermediate or more advanced users and it is a beautiful area that is listed as a National Wild and Scenic river.  The Gunnison River offers amazing scenery but is also not for beginners.  The Dolores River is often used by those more skilled rafters who are wishing to take a multiday river rafting trip.  Green River offers a place for a multi-day run and is noted for its interesting rock and geological formations.  Clear Creek is quite convenient to Denver and offers a chance for families and advanced rafters to raft for half or full days before returning to the city.  While these are some of the most popular waterways for white water rafting in Colorado, there are literally dozens of companies and locations in this beautiful state for rafters to choose from.

Some rafting basics for white water rafting in Colorado

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Those planning trips should always look at online sources for discounts, savings and vouchers that will save money when planning one of these trips.  One should know that while almost anyone can go white water rafting in Colorado, not all locations are suitable for beginners or those with limits on their abilities.  Expert river rafting guides are available to make sure groups make trips through these locations safely and have fun while doing so.  Those looking for the most adventurous trips should look to late spring for rafting, while those that want calmer waters will find them more likely in the fall.  White water rafting trips in Colorado can be customized to suit the needs and interests of those taking the trip so that one can include camping, excursions to local attractions along the way or visits to specific scenic areas along with the actual rafting activities.