I like to hang out a lot and in Uganda, where I’m from I always go out with a couple of friends to every new place that opens and hope to experience the differences that they have to offer. Surely, what else would guys in their mid twenties do? I have come up with a list of my favorite places to visit when you’re ever in Uganda.

Centenary Park green gardens: This is located in the heart of Kampala along the Kampala-Jinja highway, opposite Uganda’s Electoral Commission. It has a catalogue of restaurants and bars. The food is excellent ranging from pizza, roast chicken, pork, to Japanese and Turkish food. A small stream darts around the grounds giving it an exotic feel. I love this place because of the great music and the great crowd. I usually come here with friends and relax at The Barbecue lounge or Efendy’s Turkish restaurant and at times even enjoy some nice karaoke at The Heights.

Kisementi: When we go to Kisementi, it’s mainly to watch soccer at Just kicking Sports bar. This is located in the Kololo, a suburb of Kampala. Most of my friends are Manchester United fans so even after a loss we don’t make jibes at each other. The other bar at Kisementi is Fat Boyz. It’s great for a Friday or Saturday night with a very enthusiastic crowd. On New Year’s Eve, I was here and the place was crazy at about 9:00 P.M. The booze was still flowing till 8:00 A.M the next morning.

Ange Guvnor: It’s a new hang out found in Kampala’s Industrial area. It’s the most sophisticated night club in Kampala, with an all white interior décor. It’s based on the same theme as the Guvnor U.K with an age limit of 25 years. Guvnor is based on Greek/Roman architecture. I loved it immediately and we always go there when we need to raise our spirits.

Cayenne restaurant and bar: Is located in Kampala near Kabira country club in Bukoto, a Kampala suburb.  The first time I went to cayenne, I was having a bad night and happened to pass by the place. I immediately noticed the long line of women wearing revealing attire trying to get in, which was enough to get my party juices running. It is a perfect dinning venue. It was the first time I bought a mojito. It was extra special enjoying it by the pool side. After midnight, the place has an electric atmosphere that can make your hair stand and your booty shake. Cayenne is fun and lively, the place is always full and has a seductive buzz and if you get hungry, there is an exciting grill and pizza menu to choose from.

Casablanca bar and Restaurant: it is located on Acacia Avenue, Kololo. To be honest, I have never had a meal from here. I particularly like this place because of the shisha, a flavored tobacco smoke. It’s smoked in a hookah. It’s not as sophisticated as the other bars and restaurants in Kampala but it is well known for its Shisha. When we want to sweep all caution to the wind and laugh all night, this is a must go place. Though, with the recent revelations of the health risks of shisha, Casablanca would not be ideal as an every weekend destination.

Bubbles O’Leary’s bar: This one is also located in Kololo just opposite Casablanca. It’s an Irish pub that provides lots on Friday and Saturday nights. The music is exquisite in choice and of a far greater variety than you’ll find in any place in town, but sadly sometimes it seems to be for the foreign patrons alone! I like the place but its major drawback is its blatant disregard for the locals.

Ssese Island’s beach hotel: This is located on Lake Victoria on Bugala Island. it has the longest beach in the island. It is built under a canopy of natural tropical forest. It’s excellent for fishing, bird watching, swimming, and it has the loveliest sunset. It combines a great romantic ambiance, with a gracious lifestyle and provides an unforgettable experience. I think I’m coming for my honeymoon here.

Bujagali Falls: This is found about 8 kilometers from Jinja town that is about 120 kilometers from Uganda’s capital, Kampala. I first went to Bujagali on a school trip eleven years ago and it was a lot of fun and it was extremely relaxing especially since it was away from the hassle of school. I returned there last month and it had changed for the better. There is a new bar with lodges found on a hill towering the falls below. A winding route from the bar area to the beach and waterfalls makes for a pleasant scenery. The most common activity here is white water rafting and kayaking. Also, bungee jumping is common in these parts. Bujagali is a must for those craving adventure.

These are my favorite places in Uganda to hang out so far but I’m still exploring and enjoying what this wonderful Pearl of Africa has to offer. Hope you are inspired to come enjoy what I have.