You are thinking about purchasing a new futon and futon mattress and are wondering where the best place to put it in your home is. Before purchasing, consider the amount of space that you have in each room of the house. Also, consider the additional use you want to get out of it. Usually, a futon can easily be converted to a bed. Therefore, if you have additional guests, you may want to convert it into a bed for them at night. Do you want your guests to sleep in a bed in the kid's play room? Is that your extra guest room? Or should your guests sleep in the living room area? Or do you have a separate guest room area.

The first thing to think about is the purpose of the futon. Are you looking for a cheaper couch and don't want to spend money on a more expensive couch? Or, do you want a couch that easily turns into a bed? If the purpose is to allow people to sleep on it, then consider which room is the best place for people to sleep in. If the purpose is mainly to sit on, then think about which room best matches a futon. For example, your living room may be a lot more formal. Putting a futon there will not match the formality of other furniture. However, your family room or play room may be a lot more relaxed. Adding a futon to this area may be the perfect thing for you and future guests.

The next thing to consider is space. Although it appears that a futon saves a lot of space, the thing you have to remember is that a futon opens up to become a bed. Upon opening, it is a lot wider than it looks. Therefore, you can set the futon against the wall initially, but when you want to open it up to become a bed, you have to pull it out. Do you have enough space in the room you are selecting for the futon to fully open out? When opened, the width is almost double the width it is when closed. Therefore, don't forget to leave space to pull it away from the wall. Otherwise, you may encounter disaster when you try to open it and it hits the wall.

After determining the purpose and the space, you can then look at the décor. The great thing about a futon is that it is easily decorated and the décor can be changed. For your futon mattress, you will want to buy a futon cover. The cover will allow you to easily match the décor in your house. Adding some futon accessories will also liven up the futon and make it look more warm and inviting. The great thing is that by changing the futon mattress cover, you can easily change the entire look of the futon. So, don't worry too much about the décor. A futon cover and accessories are definitely a lot less expensive and easily swapped out.

A futon is a wonderful thing to add to your home. It is a great couch and the fact that it converts to a bed is a great asset for you. The futon mattress is very comfortable and guests will easily fall asleep on this wonderful piece of furniture.