The best places to live in Leeds

Leeds is one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the UK and one of our most important centres for business and work outside of London. It’s a great place to live and work and here we’re going to present a brief guide to where to rent in Leeds and all the best places to live.

In terms of a city Leeds has a lot to recommend it despite having a few rougher areas and some bits you’d probably rather avoid. The population is around 800 thousand so it’s a pretty large place. More importantly it is the most important centre for business and financial services outside of the capital so there are plenty of better paying jobs and opportunities throughout the city. In terms of shopping Leeds leads (pun intended) the north with large retail centres and high streets featuring top name brands and more modest privately run shops a plenty. In terms of nightlife and culture Leeds has plenty to offer with all the usual suspects in terms of pubs and bars as well as a variety of well-run local venues, clubs and pubs that give it a great culture as a city.

The areas

In terms of areas to live in Leeds has a good diversity with plenty of modern flats and apartments. If you’re looking at flats to rent in Leeds there is plenty on offer throughout the city and no area is really that bad. It largely depends on what you’re looking for and what atmosphere you’d like from your home in Leeds.


Roundhay is one of the nicest and more professional areas of Leeds and has a large park with lakes and lovely houses. It’s got a nice quiet atmosphere with some good pubs and restaurants and isn’t too far away from the city centre.


Moortown is a developing place and does have a few large estates but it’s a nice area to live with plenty of local shops, pubs and good facilities including a large library and supermarkets. It’s less upmarket than other areas but with only a 10 minute journey you can be out in the countryside which makes it a great area for anyone wanting to mix city and country living.


Again not too far from the country Horsforth is a good place for families with plenty of parks and open spaces as well as good schools and a nice friendly atmosphere. Prices aren’t too unreasonable to rent in this area and you’ve got good access to shops, the city centre and the countryside.


Though somewhat a student area Headingely boasts a vibrant culture and some lovely pubs, cafes and shops. It has a slightly higher crime rate than many of the other areas that make our list but it’s a nice place to live and there’s a lot of work being done to improve the area. It’s less than 15 minutes from the centre and a great spot to enjoy a café lifestyle Leeds. It’s a nice area but not for everyone!

Where to avoid

While nowhere in Leeds is particularly awful, at least if you ask the people who live there, some of the areas do have seedier reputations and statistically higher crime rates. Meanwood, Hyde Park and Woodhouse all have slightly dodgy reputations and higher crime rates so may be worth avoiding as do a few other areas. The city centre itself is relatively fine with some nice places to live; though a somewhat raucous nightlife.