Comparing places to sell video games

Got a video game laying around and need some extra cash? You're in luck because selling your video game is quite easy, expect for the fact of where to sell it. I've compiled a list of reputable places to sell your game, some easier than others. Be sure to tell me how your experience went!

In no particular order:

Pros: Overall they have pretty high trade values compared to the competition. They offer free shipping with any trade in and if you want to help out a local company, now's your chance. Cash is given.  

Cons: What is bad is that although shipping is free, it takes 3 weeks to get there. They also don't have the fastest processing time and checks arrive in the mail slow too.  Cash is also deducted if you don't have the manual or case.

Pros: Modest trade values compared to competition. Free shipping is included and it arrives in about 4 days on average to the facility. They have fast processing times and you will receive your money pretty quick. Cash is given.

Cons: Website is a hassle for finding your game and value. Cash is deducted if you don't have manual or case.



Pros: GameStop is everywhere making it very easy to sell your game within minutes. They usually have promotions going on for multiple games traded in. Process is fast and convenient. They accept games without manual or disc without a deduction. Every month or so they have a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale for used games, extending your credit.

Cons: GameStop only gives you credit which you can use to purchase other used games.  Credit is significantly lower than competition and if you want cash it costs 50% of your credit. Also, for the people that care, they are the Wal-Mart of video games. And you never know what credit your getting until you go there.


Best Buy

Pros: Like GameStop, Best buy is everywhere making it easy to sell. They sometimes have promotions going on for more credit.  Process is fast and convenient. Trade credit is actually pretty decent and you can look up what credit you will get on their website.

Cons: Deductions are taken for games without case or manual. You receive credit instead of cash for any game in the store. Majority of the time you must buy them new as their used section is only online.

Pros: Free shipping. Cash is given and moderate trade values. Also, the no hassle approach of searching for your games worth is nice. Process will be completed within a week and a half or so. They sometimes accept games without manual.

Cons: Trade values are moderate. You have to have a case.



Pros:  Definitely the best credit all around as far as no promotions go. Process is always done within a week and they have Trade Ins of the day for even more credit. Shipping is free.

Cons: You receive credit which can only be used towards games shipped and sold by Amazon. Deductions are taken sometimes for manual and case, depending on who processes your game at their warehouse.

Pros: Decent game values. Free shipping. Cash is given. Fast process and shipping.

Cons: Site is like Gazelle as far as searching for games go, which is complicated. Deductions are taken for no manual or case.




Pros: Highest credit around for some older games. Definitely check it out. Has a great promotion system to achieve the highest possible credit. Free shipping. Credit can be converted to cash at .7 value of credit. Process is fast.          

Cons: They do not accept games without a manual or case. Not all games have a great value. You have to jump through a few hoops to add your game to your trading in cart, rather than a click of one button. and

Pros: Fast and convenient and you're in charge of the sale.

Cons: Usually you won't get the best amount for your game and your item may not sell. Also you have to go through PayPal. PayPal is a hassle.



Pros: You can achieve the highest amount of cash for your game on Glyde. Immensely easy to list your game and they can deposit cash right into your bank. They send a prepaid mailer to you and all you have to do is stick you game in it and put it in your mailbox.

Cons: Game won't always sell or sell fast. Values can be very high or very low depending on the game.


I put a * next to the 3 places I recommend the most.