You will be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know who Tim Tebow is. Over the last couple of years Tebow won the heart of many Americans who admire his unique skill set, humble demeanor, and outspoken faith. At the same time just the sight of Tebow infuriates his many critics who feel that he does not deserve to be a quarterback in the NFL due to his “flawed” mechanics. But very few people know simple facts about Tebow such as where was Tim Tebow born?

Tim Tebow is the son of Robert Tebow II and Pamela Elaine. He was born in none other than Makati City, Philippines.  Makati City is part of the Metro Manila which is one of the most heavily populated metropolitan areas in the world. Makati has a population of 510,383 which ranks it as the 44th most densely populated city in the world. It is the financial hub for the Philippians and houses the Philippine Stock Exchange and Makati Business Club.

Mr. and Mrs. Tebow moved their family to the Philippines in 1985 when they felt the call to do missionary work in that country. Pam became pregnant with her fifth child in the Philippines. During her pregnancy, Pam was infected with Amoebic Dysentery, an intestinal infection most likely caused by food or drink contaminated with parasites. The infection would eventually cause her to fall into a temporary coma.

Out of consideration for her life, her doctors strongly recommended that she aborted Tebow as the combination of the infection and pregnancy could be fatal. Also the strong medicine she had to take caused placental abruption, which is when the placenta disconnects from the uterine wall. A condition which can cause very severe and permanent damage to a baby.

Pam refused the abortion because of her strong Christian beliefs. Despite almost losing Tebow four times, she wouldn’t waver in her faith and continued to trust that God would protect both her and her child. Tebow entered this world on August 14, 1987 as a completely healthy baby.

Tebow spent his first three years living in the Philippines and has returned numerous times to the orphanage which his father started, Uncle Dick's Home. Ironically, despite his wild fame here in America, very few Filipinos even recognized his name until recently.

In 2010 Tim Tebow launched the Tim Tebow Foundation, a non-for-profit organization aimed at helping those less fortunate with a focus on children. The Tim Tebow Foundation partnered with CURE Hospital to build a children’s hospital in the Philippines. The hospital is going to be located in Davao City and will be able to hold 30 beds. The breaking ground took place in early 2012, and the hospital is expected to be complete by the summer of 2013.