Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Protein Supplement

Whey Protein Reviews - Best Protein Supplement

ON Pro Complex

Whey Protein Reviews - Best Protein Supplement

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

The Best Protein Powder


Ok, so I haven’t tried every single protein powder known to man (although I know some people who probably have!) but I do have some criteria that I use to help me narrow down what I want in a protein powder.


For the longest time I used pure whey protein but then as I read more and more of the science, whey protein seemed to have some drawbacks.


The main issue is that whey is sort of like the simple sugar of proteins. 

The body metabolizes it very quickly and if the muscles are fatigued, this can mean going back into a catabolic state within an hour or two of taking the whey. 


Being a super skinny ectomorph to mesomorph body type, it’s quite difficult for me to put on muscle and mass in the first place and even harder to retain it as my body has a very strong desire for equilibrium at 165 pounds. 


But partially with the help of Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex, I’ve been able to maintain 185 without too much difficulty.  Pro Complex contains not only whey but 8 different sources of protein including casein!


Since different proteins have different metabolic processing times, this is a good option for anybody who needs to constantly feed in order to make and maintain muscle gains.   


ON also throws in extra branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) for good measure as these are intimately connected with muscle anabolism and have recently been shown to extend the life of rats with possible implications for humans.





Let’s face it, some protein powders taste like gym socks. 

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex tastes GREAT! 

I personally like the milk chocolate flavor but the vanilla is also good.  They have several other flavors that I haven’t tried yet. 

It does contain sucralose and acesulfame which I’m not a big fan of but that’s a concession I’m willing to make at this point. 

Gagging on bad-tasting protein powder isn’t fun and this one tastes like a milk shake!



Nutritional Profile


A serving is 74 grams which is actually quite a lot! 

Each serving contains 60g of protein, 14g of BCAAs, 10g glutamine & precursors and 15 vitamin and minerals. 

I sat there in GNC and compared the amino acid profiles of this and several other protein powders (yes, I took dosage into account) and this powder tops almost every other powder in the store on amino acids. 


They also throw in the digestive enzymes aminogen and lactase to help break down lactose and facilitate absorption. 


It also contains bioactive microfractions including Glycomacropeptides (GMP), a-lactalbumin, b-Lactoglobulin, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. 


ON is instantized and mixes really well in a shaker.  If you use milk in your shakes, it comes out really frothy and delicious even without adding any sugar.




Personally, I buy the 4.6 lb container from amazon and it usually lasts me for 2 months or so as I usually don’t take a full 74 g serving. 


I’ve been using this protein powder for almost a year now and I love it!  It tastes great, it’s easy on the stomach, it’s affordable (well..relative to supplements as a whole!) and has a whole spread of different proteins including egg protein, whey protein, casein and others.

My abs have never looked better using ON and having learned the truth about abs.

This is definitely one of the best protein powders on the market and I give it my six pack endorsement!