As part of your new shape up, and muscle building program you realize that protein is on top of your list, but which protein powder should you get?

Researchers have found that the consumption of casein protein before going to bed will slow down the breakdown of muscle fibers. While you sleep your body still needs fuel to keep every cell doing its job. During sleep your body's production of growth hormone naturally increases, so do not think about cutting down on sleep time as part of your program. Rest is an important factor to your success.

Your body absorbs Casein protein very slowly. It is like feeding your body while sleeping, which prevents your organism from stealing amino acids from your muscles.

Preparing and consuming a casein protein shake before bed time will help keep your body with a steady supply of protein during the time you sleep. To slow down the digestive process even further flaxseed oil is a great addition to your shake.

While casein (found in milk) is absorbed slowly by your organism, Whey protein (also found in milk) is absorbed very quickly and should be consumed before and after your workouts, when your muscles crave protein.

Now that you know the difference between whey and casein protein you should pay close attention to the labels before you buy. Keep an eye out for ridiculously high sugars (especially if you suffer from diabetes), and pay attention to cholesterol levels (especially if yours is high). Keep in mind that there are also protein powders that are a mix of casein, whey, and even other types of protein, and they can also be useful as part of your muscle building program.

I am sure you will agree with me here, taste is a very important factor when making a purchase decision. If you shop online for protein, read some customers' comments as well. Ultimately you will have to try and see which one you prefer. I have my favorite brand, but I can tell you that I have not tasted one that was bad.

If you follow the steps above mentioned you will be feeding your muscles the food they need to grow.