The hypnotizing sounds of the waves, captivating sands that could form a mirage, making you doubt if they are real. Calming ambience that creates a temporary amnesia in our minds. No longer we could hide our location, standing in one of the worlds most visited place the beach. Since popularized in the 1960's, peoples perspective towards beaches never change, to them it is heaven on earth, were they could leave all there worries behind. With the diversity of it around the world, an all inclusive beach vacation is a perfect choice. Let us rundown the possible destinations were paradise is awaits us.

Miami here we come

Famous for its tropical climate, the state of Florida in the United States is a yearlong paradise. Biscayne bay and North Miami Beach, would provide tourist the experience they been looking. Famous for its party atmosphere, which is provided by the abundance ornate nightclubs, and if you want relaxation, palatial oceanfront hotels is just what you need.

Aloha Hawaii

The leading source of income in Hawaii is tourism; every year thousands of people from around the world would visit the island. The island of Oahu is the leading tourist attraction in the Aloha state, filled with natural wonder that would surely fascinate visitors.

Going down under

The one thing that would distinguish the beaches of Australia, from the rest of the world is the waves. Surfing fanatics call Sydney as their second home; they would visit the city not only once, but multiple times in a year just to satisfy their need for waves. The scenery in this country is breathtaking, you would surprise with the entire advance infrastructure existing, how could they preserve their natural wonders. You must make an all inclusive beach vacation in Australia in order to find out.

The French side

If looking for a fashionable resort, then look no further Cannes is located in southern most part France. Not only famous for its natural scenery, but also some of its architectural treasures such as the church of Notre dame d'Espérance, Lycklama Museum which holds a fine collections of antiques, Promenade de la Croisette were splendid shops and hotels are located, and Abbey of Lérins an enchanting Mediterranean island. You could never go wrong, upon deciding an all inclusive beach vacation in Cannes

There is no greater feeling once you experience some of these places, and envy would be the feeling towards the local people, because they are very fortunate for their gifts. They must not forget that, intensive preservation of their paradise is needed, or else they would crumble, like sand castles hit by the wave on the shores.