One question I get a lot in my days wheeling and dealing in used BOB strollers is which BOB is actually best for jogging. In all honesty all of the BOB strollers are great jogging strollers but some are better designed for jogging than others and some are better for jogging on city streets whereas others are better on trails.

BOB Jogging Strollers For Streets & Sidewalks

BOB Jogging StrollersThe BOB Revolution strollers are excellent for versatility in the city, on streets, sidewalks, and even on hard-packed park trails. Of the two Revolution strollers the Revolution CE stroller is best for jogging on streets and pavement in general. The wheels are smaller, thinner, and the entire stroller itself is lighter making jogging that much easier.

Because the Revolution strollers are designed for versatility it should be very useful for all you other daily activities like running errands or hitting up the mall. The swivel front wheel makes normal activy easier while not taking too much away from the stability of the jogger.

Similar to the Revolution CE stroller the BOB Ironman stroller is designed with slim wheels and a lighter frame. Both the BOB CE and the BOB Ironman weigh in at 23 lbs compared to 26 for the SE and Sport Utility models. The Ironman jogger however is probably a better pure jogger than the Revolution because the front wheel is a solid-state wheel, meaning it won’t swivel.

When you are jogging on the road you want your stroller to go straight more often than not so the front wheel can make a big difference in the quality of your jog so long as you are not taking a particularly windy route.

As with all BOB strollers no matter which you choose your baby or small child should be very comfortable because both have an excellent suspension system which gives your baby a smooth ride no matter how fast you are jogging or walking.

The Best Off Road BOB Jogging Stroller

As previously noted above, the Revolution line of strollers is excellent for jogging as well as for everyday activities like errands and for off road or rough rides the Revolution SE is better then the CE model. It is a bit heavier (studier) and has bigger wheels to take bumps. The swivel wheel also helps for versatility but detracts a bit for pure jogging.

A better alternative to the Revolution SE jogger is to buy the BOB Sport Utility Jogger instead. Like the Ironman it has a solid front wheel but the wheel and tire are bigger making for easier maneuverability in rougher terrain. Similarly the suspension system ill still keep the ride smooth for your baby or small child but the run for you will be easier.

On the whole the off-road BOB joggers are roughly 2-3 pounds heavier than the on-road joggers. The bigger, stronger, sturdier wheels contribute to this difference and the added weight can also help with keeping the stroller under control even though it may be physically harder to move if only slightly.

The other alternative to the SE and the Sport Utility strollers is to buy the BOB Stroller Strides Fitness stroller however my personal opinion is that this is unnecessary as you are basically buying a BOB Revolution SE stroller with a couple marginally appealing accessories.

If you are a regular jogger and want a good versatile jogging stroller that can be used for errands too then my recommendation is to buy the Revolution SE which has an MSRP for $449 and can usually be found in the upper $300s on sites like Amazon.

For those on a tight budget or for those who really only want a stroller for jogging on pavement or trails then buying an Ironman or Sport Utility jogging stroller is best. The Ironman is best for roads, the Sport Utility is best for trails. These sell for less but are less versatile so most people tend to own a second stroller for normal day to day activities although it’s not an absolute requirement.

BOB jogging strollers are made of the highest quality so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on these but because of their high quality construction finding used BOB joggers on craigslist is always an option. The used strollers will still command prices in excess of $200 but it’s a good deal nevertheless for those looking to save as much as they can.