Business phones should be laden with features that can help a businessman to carry on his regular office works even when he is travelling without having any issues. He needs a mobile phone that has features other than simply the ability to make voice calls.

A smart phone that is built around one of the latest operating systems such as iOS 6 or Android 4.1 or RIM should be ideally suited for his needs.

A businessman on the move needs the ability to read his emails no matter where he is. He also needs to be able to access reports & attachments, edit them, draw suggestions via a responsive touch screen and even make presentations on the move. As such the phone that a businessman must wield should have the latest communication protocols and must support at least 3G connectivity, 4G would be an advantage.

A businessman needs a way to make video calls even when he is travelling. At times his phone is also used to catch up on some reading and pass a bit of time when he is between flights or when travelling in a car. A smart phone that is powered by one of the latest processors is needed because it will faster and will be better for multi-tasking.

iOS and Android Options

Three phones immediately comes to mind when we weigh these above requirements, two of them being the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, the older iPhone 4S and the latest iPhone 5. The reason that the iPhone 5 is listed here is that the changes in the new iPhone are more refined. All the features of the iPhone 4S have been taken and then upgraded with some new features in this phone. They are now a lot more refined and can positively help a businessman more than the older iPhone 4S.

The iPhone 5 has a better display and a better camera with an updated and more versatile operating system in the iOS 6. The fact that the new iPhone comes with the latest A6 chip in place of the older A5 chip of the iPhone 4S also makes it significantly better, but as far as business usage is concerned this is not going to make a difference; these are factors that will influence the decision of a tech buff, though, rather than a businessman.

Additionally the advantage of both Android and the iOS platform is the availability of huge app stores for both operating systems teeming with thousands of great apps to make them really exciting. Tools such as a real time forex checker, flight details, booking options, money management tools, etc all help a businessman or a top executive to better manage his time.

RIM BBM Option

Blackberry until recently was a top choice when it came to business phones. The fact iPhone 2GCredit: it had the user data located and routed through a very secure environment meant the confidentiality of the business information was maintained. This was something that made a lot of businesses switch to Blackberry’s BBM platform and offer the BBM phones to their executives.

Additionally BBM's features made communication better and cheaper for a growing business and where a lot of their employees were always on the move. These businesses need their executives to keep interacting between themselves even when they are travelling.

But BBM is fast becoming less of a popular choice because of smarter apps that are now flooding both the Android and the iOS platforms making them perfect for their needs. Need a stock market ticket right on the home screen? Need the latest apps from your trusted news networks? Both Android and iOS can do that for you with the help of a number of compatible apps. Additionally both the platforms offer great phones that offer not just business apps but also extremely high quality cameras, ports and other features that make great tools for everyday use. BBM has as such lost a bit of ground to both iOS and Android platforms and has been relegated to a third position in the business mobile phone segment.

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Which mobile your business chooses usually comes down to the best deals you can get as much as the features that are available, so remember the strong negotiating position that you are in when talking to network representatives.