Which Camera Should I Get-Nikon or Canon?

When considering a camera to buy, those that are looking on the market are going to find that Nikon and Canon are two of the most popular brands to purchase. This is because these are two cameras that have been fighting it over the past few years to determine just which brand is better. The main question that most consumers have is just which brand is better for them to purchase? Both have highlights that make them great, while there are still aspects about them that are going to make most people stop and think. Both of these cameras have their roots in Japan. Canon first became a brand in 1937, while Nikon has been around a few years longer since it was established in 1910. In order to compare these two, it is crucial that the opinions of professionals state, what consumers feel towards each camera, and what the overall sales of these cameras in order to determine which is best.

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So Which One Is Better? 

Professionals Opinion

The professionals out there, whether they are professional photographers, reviewers or just those that are in the camera industry are in agreement that Canon and Nikon make some excellent cameras. However, when reading several reviews and calculated just which camera is more times than not recommended to people, professionals tend to sway towards Nikon as being the best. Canon is still popular with many people; however, over the years with the development of new technology Canon has been hit or miss, while Nikon remains constant.

Customers Opinions

When it really boils down to it, the opinion of the customers is what matters the most. When considering the brand as a whole, customer tends to point out Nikon as being the best brand that is out there. However, it is interesting that when it comes to the compact cameras that most consumers utilize, Canon seems to be the go to camera for regular consumers. When looking at pictures that are posted online or just put up there for the enjoyment of others, six out of ten times, the camera used was a Nikon.

Sales Figures

The sales figures will state just how much each company sells throughout the year. This should pinpoint just which type of camera it is that consumers are purchasing more often. Sales figures from the 2010 year are readily available for anyone to find. In the year of 2010, Canon sold around double the amount of sales when compared to Nikon.

So which is better? According to the facts, Canon is the better camera for many people  to utilize because it is more user-friendly. This reason could be the fact that Nikon develops more technical cameras than Canon, and this is something that the average "Joe" is not looking for. After all, you want to be able to take the picture rather than have to read through an extensive manual to find out what to do. With that being said, for those that want to purchase a good camera and get something that is name brand, then the Canon brand may have just what the consumer is in search of.