A chaise lounge chair and ottoman really solves a huge design dilemma. It seems like for several decades recliners were all the rage. Sure, they are pretty inexpensive and very comfortable, but they don't always look the best. Then the interior design world started using sleeker furniture and a lot of this furniture was changed out and then there really wasn't a comfortable place to sit in the space. Going with chaise lounge chairs whether for outdoor or interior use is really going to still give you all of the style and comfort together.

We see a lot of chaise lounge chairs in outdoor use that are also suitable for your interior uses too. In fact really outdoor furniture has been mimicking indoor furniture lately which can allow you to save a lot of money and time. You can really consider the comfort level that is needed. This is important if you want to bring in a tropical vibe with a lot of wicker pieces because they can be less expensive to find than outdoor versions. In fact, we are seeing some of these pieces that don't even have cushions or are made entirely of rattan. This takes a material which would otherwise seem a little bit dated or country and turns it into something quite sleek and modern.

One thing that you can really consider going with is a lounge chair and ottoman. This allows you to turn almost any chair into a lounge chair. You can even give it the effect of a chaise lounge just by pushing up an ottoman next to it. When you go shopping it's really important to pay a lot of attention to the height of the ottoman. This is really what is going to make all of the difference. It should really be a seamless kind of design style. Sure, you can find ottomans that just cost 30 or 50 dollars bucks. They might not provide you with enough room. Instead, you might just want to spend a few hundred dollars on one of these pieces or shop for them at thrift stores. This is one of the cases where oversized furniture is really going to be better because this can give you more of a seamless design style with any accent chair that you already own. You can either keep this in the same fabric or go for a fun pattern that still has the same accent colors as your main chair color.

You can also go with more of a retro design style. Since the modern style is so popular right now this will be one of your more expensive options you may be able to find a true retro piece at a thrift store. In this case it's going to experiment with a lot of interesting shapes. Even the more updated versions of this are going to use a lot of circular shapes. This could even fold down into a guest bed. You're also going to find this in everything from eggs shapes to a series of ovals. This is an opportunity to just take neutral colors then really play around with the silhouette. It's going to be the focal point of your entire room but you still need to make sure that it's comfortable as well.