With the economy in a such a slump, one may be wondering which college degrees are still worth going to college to for? While college graduates may not earn the same amount of money that earlier graduating classes may have earned with their degrees, there are still some degrees that have a great need for people in their fields and still offer competitive salaries. Read on to learn what kinds of degrees employers are looking for today and where the job opportunities are.

1. Business Management - A degree in any business related degree can open the doors to a rewarding career. Many Fortune 500 companies and big business are constantly looking to bring in ideal candidates who can help take their company to the next level. Graduates with business related degrees can look forward to an abundance of job opportunities upon graduation compared to most other degrees.

2. Nursing - As populations across the globe start to age, there will be a ever increasing demand for nurses and home health aides to care for the aging populations. A degree in nursing offers the most direct entry into this potentially rewarding field. Nursing is such a beneficial degree to have under your belt because there is almost always a demand for nurses and there are a variety of different work settings nurses can work in.

3. Criminal Justice - Face it. As long as there are organized societies, there will always be a need for protection and law enforcement for the citizens. Enter criminal justice. A degree in criminal justice can also open the doors to a very rewarding career. Like the fields mentioned above, there are so many things a graduate with a degree in criminal justice can do. There are job opportunities in law enforcement, corrections, work in the court room, federal jobs, drug task enforcement, private investigator careers, various agencies and entities, and a host of other job opportunities.

In conclusion, while there are a variety of other college degrees that can lead to a rewarding career with great pay, these three fields should see the most need for people in their fields along with the most job opportunities available to graduates.

Good Luck!