DC41 Animal Review

So you are wanting to know which is the best Dyson vacuum for pet hair? Well that's good -- because now you don't need to look any further than the new...Dyson DC41 Animal Complete (released 2nd September).

The following objective DC41 Animal Complete review will exhibit & explain exactly why the 'Dyson DC41 Animal complete' above all other Dyson vacuum cleaners (and all other vacuums altogether really) is the best vacuum on the market of 2012 for dealing with your pet hair problem.

The Dyson DC41 Animal CompleteDyson DC41 Animal CompleteCredit: Amazon.com -- Dyson


DC41: Constant Suction Power of 235 Air Watts.

This makes the Dyson DC41 Animal one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners in the modern Dyson upright range. Certainly, more than enough power to be dealing with 'pet hair' -- as it is built to remove even the toughest of stains.


DC41: Radial Cyclone Technology. Self-Adjusting Cleaning Head.

The updated & remodelled 'Root Cyclone Technology' allows the DC41 to pick up more dust and more pet hair from your home than any other cyclone -- without the DC41 ever losing suction power. Moreover, it comes with an automatic adjusting cleaning head that detects when it is on soft and hard flooring and then appropriately self-adjusting its leverage to gain the optimal clean.


DC41: Dyson Ball, Weight: 17.1lbs. Instant High Reach Wand.

The DC41 is engineered as a lightweight upright vacuum fitted with 'Dyson Ball' technology to allow the user to have incredible amounts of control (quoted as being able to turn on a dime) -- having the capability of rapidly twisting and turning, rather than having to be dragged back and forth like that of other traditional fixed wheel vacuums. 


DC41: Easy to Store. Hygienic to Empty. Captures Allergens. Reach - 51.7ft. Cord - 35ft.

It is built to be (H:42.4 x W:13.4 x D:15.4 inches) compact and hence easy to store. It is also designed to be practically functional -- hence coming with a 0.55 gallons transparent bin (to let you know when its full and needs emptying ) one-press mechanism that allows you to simply and hygienically release dirt from the Dyson DC41 straight into the garbage bin. Moreover, the cyclone is engineered perfectly to ensure that it captures and retains all the dust it extracts from the flooring including microscopic particles such as pollen and bacteria.


DC41: Combination crevice/brush tool, stair tool, tangle free turbine tool, soft dusting brush, multi-angle brush, stiff bristle brush.

This army of accessories is what really makes the DC41 Animal complete stand out amongst other Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners (in particular the highly rated -- tangle free turbine tool -- that allows you to effectively remove pet hair without the worry that the turbine will clog up and break or lose suction), with a tool to pretty much deal with just about any cleaning problem you come across. Individually the attachable accessories would mount to just over $175 just on their own.


If you are looking for the 'best of the best' type vacuum to deal with Pet Hair -- then as you can see from the above, you really don't need to be looking any further than the DC41 Animal Complete. This being said it does come with a rather hefty $649.99 price tag.

If you have any questions or comments regarding 'which Dyson is best for pet hair?' or the 'DC41 Animal Complete' then please be sure to make them in the comments section below.