If there’s anything that takes the prize winner for being the hardest thing to get right, it’s foundation. Foundation can often make your skin look cakey, dry, or oily and overly shiny. At the same time, some people have skin that just seems to glow. Chances are, they know the secret to pickest the best foundation. The secret? There is no one right foundation. Everyone has different types of skin and skin tones, which means that every girl must pick foundations that are custom to their needs to bring out the best.

What is Foundation Makeup?

 Cosmetic foundation is basically the makeup that you apply onto your skin first in order to provide the “ground base” for other make up and to also create a glowing look. Foundation helps to smooth your skin and cover blemishes lightly, although concealer will be needed for more noticeable blemishes. Foundation is applied on the face and neck.

Best Formula Foundation for Your Skin Type

Here are the main types of foundation: tinted moisturizers, cream foundation, liquid foundation, powder, cream to powder, mineral makeup and mousse/whipped foundation. I will explain which one is best for you and for your skin type, whether it be dry, oily, a combination of dry and oil, or normal.

Tinted Moisturizer

tinted moisturizerCredit: vs.com

Tinted moisturizers provide moisture for the skin, normally have sunscreen in them, and add a tint of foundation, meaning it is very light and does not cover very much of the skin. This is the lightest and good for beginners to use in order to get started on foundation before moving towards the heavier ones that require more care in the right application. Due to its light qualities, tinted moisturizer is good for just about all skin types. It is especially good for dry and mixed because of the moisturizer in the foundation that keeps your skin from getting dry and flaky (which can be accentuated even further with foundation).


Cream Foundation

lamerCredit: palacinka.com

Cream foundations are very heavy types of foundation that contain oil, which makes the foundation thick. Cream foundation’s thick quality allows it to provide heavy coverage in hiding blemishes and also in moisturizing the skin. Due to its heaviness, this foundation lasts for quite awhile on the skin compared to other types. It is best used if you have dry to very dry skin, since its oils protect skin from dryness. If you have oily skin, it is best that you avoid this type of foundation as it will only exacerbate the issue.


Liquid Foundation

liquid foundationCredit: the-cosmetics-campus.com

Liquid foundation is much lighter than cream foundation. It can be widely found in department and beauty stores due to its ease of use. One simply applies the foundation straight from the bottle; no fuss or dabbing required. Liquid foundation comes in either oil based or water based foundations. Different bases are required for different types of skin. If you have dry skin, it is best that you choose an oil-based liquid foundation to moisturize and protect the skin. If your skin is oily, you should choose a water-based liquid foundation. This will add a glow without adding any more oil to your skin.



powder foundationCredit: sephora.com

Powder foundations are available as both loose powder and pressed powder. As you may have guessed, powder foundations are dry and provide little moisture for the skin. Thus, these are not the best choices for those with a dry skin. Foundation can provide a natural look to the skin though.

Loose powder foundation is good for oily skin because it is so dry, or selective dabbing on combination skin. Pressed powder, on the other hand, have a bit more oil, making it more suitable for people with oily and normal skin. Once again, selective dabbing can make it work well on combination skin type.


Cream to Powder

cream to powder foundationCredit: floriroberts.com

Cream to powder mixes the best of both cream and powder foundation. This foundation is applied like an almost liquid-like cream but as it dries, it leaves a powder finish, which helps to reduce the oil associated with cream foundations. Cream to powder is popular because it is easy to use. It is good for women with combination or normal skin.


Mineral Makeup

mineral makeup(90879)Credit: afterglowcosmetics.com

Mineral foundation has gained a lot of popularity in recent years because of its versatility in skin type and usage, as well as its “safe” and “healthy” image as a foundation that is made of ground minerals from the earth. One can apply mineral makeup in powder form or add a bit of water and apply wet using an applicator brush. Mineral foundation is great for all skin types, especially those whose skin is more sensitive to other foundations.


Mousse, or Whipped Foundation

mousse foundationCredit: maybelline.com

Mousse foundation is like a lighter version of the cream foundation. It is more liquid, yet creamy at the same time. Using mousse foundation gives greater control over application due to the ability to apply it in thin layers. Mousse is also available in spray cans as well as the traditional small jar. Mousse works really well for aging and dry skin because it smoothes over the skin without making skin look dry or flakey.

Best Formula Foundation for Your Skin Tone

The best option would be to go to a store that specializes in makeup or a department store and ask a makeup professional to help you pick the best color foundation for your needs. Note that it will be more expensive than going to a drugstore or buying generic brands, but seeking advice from a makeup artist is very helpful. Plus, you can carry over this knowledge the next time you shop on your own.

Credit: maybelline.com

If you do wish to go about it on your own, choose foundation color that is very close to your own facial color. After all, the purpose of foundation is too make your face look smoother and easier for makeup application. Purchasing foundation to darken or lighten your facial skin is not a good look and defeats the purpose of foundation. Also remember to compare foundation with skin tone in as natural a light setting as possible. 

Of course, the more sheer moisturizers don't require as much analysis into the right color and are generally suited for and are suitable for a wider variety of skintones. I recommend using Aveeno tinted moisturizer for a sheer look since it's really great for sensitive skin types and it doesn't give any allergic reaction. Plus it helps protect the skin from the sun while giving it a sheer glow.

A Closing Note

There is no single correct foundation type for your skin. Sometimes you might be influenced by other factors such as ease of use, how long the moisturizer stays on, etc. When looking at which makeup foundation is best for you, it is better to get quality foundation since foundation is not easy to get correctly and some of the lower brands can make your skin look cakey. The benefit is that once you find the brand and type that you like and looks good, it makes it easier for buy another foundation the next time around.