Your face shape is a crucial part of deciding just what haircuts work for you best. There are several basic shapes which include round, square, thin or oval, long or heart shaped. When you decide what your facial shape is you will discover that various hairstyles fit best with certain face types. Since you emphasize the best parts of your body when you buy clothes you should also do this when you consider getting new or different hairstyles and how to choose the best hairstyle then becomes easy.

A High Forehead

Generally, a longer face shape may have a high forehead. If you have short hair you can highlight the side swept bangs with many different shades of color and have the bang pieces or strands in your haircuts in varying lengths. This is so the side swept look has a more uneven look instead of the straight side swept bangs, which will take attention away from a high forehead. 

Hairstyles For Round Faces

Some people have a round face shape. With this facial shape then you should try to add some height in the haircuts or add some length to the hairstyle. A higher hairstyle may have curls piled on top or hair that is fluffed up at the top using mouse or another hair product. This will make the face seem less round. Also you can let the hair go past the chin and at the neck to make it appear the face is longer because attention is drawn to the length of the hair and not the round face.

Hairstyles For Thin Faces

If you have a thin face you want to make it appear fuller. Adding hair at the sides with tendrils or curls or soft waves adds some width to the hair, making the face shape look less thin. You don’t want haircuts that have to be pulled tightly back as this only emphasizes the thinness of the face. This includes braids or a ponytail or any other pulled back look. If you wear these make sure you have tendrils or soft curls along the sides of the face.

Hairstyles For Oblong Faces

Bangs can be used give a long or oblong face shape a rounder seeming look if the bangs skim the brow. This adds width to the brow and also the face. The haircuts may be with choppy bangs or bone straight bangs but they should just skim the eyebrows. An oval face looks good with blunt or side swept bangs also as this draws attention away from the longer or oblong face rather like a photograph where you attention is drawn away through the whole picture and out of the frame.

Hairstyles For Oval Faces

If you have an oval face then you can wear almost any hair style as no portion of the face really needs emphasis. Many hair stylists think an oval shape is a perfect face shape because any of the haircuts will look good with it. This includes a buzz cut or one of the emo hairstyles which are the jet black hairstyles that border on the punk style of the 80s. They will be short and spiked with lots of gel. Braids and up dos all look good with this shape.

Choosing Bridal Styles For The Shape Of The Face

When you are thinking about your haircuts for the big wedding day you not only have to think about your face shape but if you are wearing a head piece or veil you have to consider how that will work with that shaped face. Weddings are not times to try new hairstyles but they are for easy care and stay put styles so look at some wedding websites and pick some hairstyles you think might work for you then discuss it with your hair stylist.

Heart Shaped Faces

The best haircuts for a heart face shape are ones with bangs. The bangs should not be cut high on the forehead but should be longer so your haircuts will have the bangs longer cut about to the edge of the corners of the eyes. This type of cut draws the eye away from the shape of the face and brings attention to the eyes instead. It alleviates that top heavy look of the heart shape and balances it out somewhat. Side swept bangs look good also as does a long bob with the longer hair in a fringe just to the chin level.

Extensions And Hair Pieces

The good thing about hair extensions is that you can literally choose the extensions or hair pieces that will compliment your face shape. If you get regular haircuts you have the extensions added to a hairstyle that makes your face look less round or thin or whatever you perceive the fault to be. Clip in extensions are simple and easy to use and you can add color or length or lift quickly and at a low cost. They come in human or synthetic hair, wefted hair for weaving and even pony tails.

The Good Haircut

No matter what haircuts you choose to get having your hair cut once in a while by a good stylist can make all the difference in how that hair grows back. A good stylist can make any face shape look better with the best choice of hairstyles for that particular shape. So indulge yourself once in a while and do this for yourself. Some hair salons will give free consults also.

Hair Colors, Highlighting And Lowlighting

Many people aren’t aware that people can get both highlights and lowlights. Lowlights are those colors that add color to strands of hair that is darker than your natural hair color. These will also be darker than the highlighted hair. What this does is add very effective low and high lights to the hair. This technique can also change your facial shape as it will draw attention to your hair and the shimmering colors instead of the shape of the face.