Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is one of the options out there

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Credit: By SteveSims at en.wikipedia [GPL (], from Wikimedia Commons

Firefox? Internet Explorer? Which browser would work best?

A conscious decision to make that can help us improve our internet experience

When navigating the internet, you may or may not know it, but you do have options in terms of browsers.

What we never think of

We tend to use the browser that comes by default installed in our computers, such as the Microsoft Internet Explorer. What most of us never realize is that this is only one of the options out there.

There are other options such as Firefox or Chrome, browsers you can download and install in your computer, having sometimes a complete different experience.

So first step is knowing. Knowing that there are other options you can choose. And most of the times, more options mean better opportunities.

Where to find them

A simple search can help us locate options. Google is very good in letting us know their products, including Chrome. Firefox is another free, open source, easily accessible browser, which can be found in no time through an internet search.

So the answer to where to find them is easy: in the net!

Which one should I pick

This is probably the most important question. The better answer, as you may or may not imagine, is "it depends". It objectively really depends on the content you want to access.

There are web pages that are specifically designed to work better on one browser as opposed to another. There are pages that will not work on a specific browser.

In my personal experience, although I use MS Internet Explorer the most, I have recently noted that my internet navigation seems to go quicker when using Firefox and that several pages I access seem to work better or to be better designed for Firefox.

As an example, when I access InfoBarrel or Triond through MS Internet Explorer, I do not see all the components where I should, so I'm switching to Firefox. The only webpage I found problems when accessing -specifically when uploading content- through Firefox is RedGage.


In summary, you should know you have options, and you should be able to choose for yourself. In terms of internet browsers, you can select one that is not the one you have pre-installed in your PC, nor the one that the search engine tells you to.

Some good piece of advice would be to try them all, or at least the ones you think you might be interested in.

If you want my personal choice, I will give it to you: Mozilla Firefox.