Laptop Stand Versus Cooling Pad

If you are asking 'Which is better chill pad or laptop stand?' then I am presuming you have run into some difficulties with your laptop getting too hot and are running the risk of it damaging itself (or even you) through overheating. Below, I will be discussing the debate of 'Laptop Stand Vs Cooling Pad' with the advantages and disadvantages of laptop stands as well as the pros and cons of chill cooling pads, and then come to a final verdict on which is better the chill pad or a laptop stand for preventing your laptop from overheating. 

The Laptop Stand

mStand Laptop StandCredit: Amazon.con -- Rain Design

The laptop stand helps prevent your laptop from overheating due to its elevation above the desk -- allowing for an improved airflow to the laptop, and hence a better capability of cooling down.

Furthermore, as you can see from the highly rated and sleek looking mStand (on the right), they offer you a better ergonomic use due to the elevated screen. Helping to prevent wrist and neck strains as well as an improved typing angle. 

It doesn't however, offer the laptop an additional cooling ability like you will see with the chill pad. 

The Cooling Pad

Cooler Master NotePal X3 Laptop Cooling Pad with 200mm Blue LED FanCredit: -- Cooler MasterThe main difference between a cooling pad and the laptop stand is that the cooling pad is actively trying to make the laptop cooler, usually through the mechanism of fans blowing air through the back of the laptop. Giving it an added cooling boost, which a laptop stand simply doesn't offer.

For example, the popular Cooler Master X3 (image on the above right) has a 200mm fan -- claiming that it reduces heat by up to 20% by actively pushing air onto the laptop -- in addition to the laptop's own ventilation system. Moreover, most quality cooling pads do offer the same functionality as a laptop stand in the that you can adjust the angle of operation, meaning that it also gets a better airflow, as well as the ergonomic user experience (but perhaps not to the same extent as that of a laptop stand).

You Can Get Both -- a Chill Laptop Stand: As their job description is pretty similar you probably won't be surprised to find out that there are numerous models that offer you the best of both worlds such as the Targus Laptop stand with removable chill mat, which can act as a cooling laptop stand, but also comes with the option to remove the fans from the stand if you needed.

Overall Verdict

Ideally, if you are simply looking to prevent your laptop from overheating then I would recommend a chill pad. They are specifically designed to prevent your laptop from overheating -- right from the way they are structured for improved airflow to the way the fans disperse air to cool it down. Although a laptop stand does improve the airflow to a laptop, it is intended to do a slightly different job -- to offer better ergonomic use to the user.

Overall, both are very similar, they both offer further prevention of the laptop from overheating, and they both offer a better user experience, hence why you find they mix (i.e laptop cooling stands), however for added 'coolness' a chill pad or chill laptop stand I believe is the way to go. If you have any additional thoughts on 'Which is better Chill pad or Laptop stand?' then I encourage you to share them in the comments box below.