Paid or Free Dating Sites
Credit: Alain Elzora via Flickr

 Before people start mocking others for even making a site that requires users to pay, they do exist and they will continue to exist because people use them and have valid reasons to do so. It might seem counterintuitive to pay when there are options that don’t affect the wallet in the slightest, even if they offer some perks, but it would pay more to pay attention to why people choose one option over the other. The choice of which option to use is still up to the user, naturally,  knowing the ins and outs of what each option has to offer is an important task. So the million dollar question is which is better – paid of free dating websites?

Why Pay, and Why Not?

Think of it calmly and rationally for a while, disregarding the thought that “paying for things on the Internet is ridiculous”. No one will make a person pay for something identical to something that costs less. Or rather, no one will do so and still manage to stay alive in such a competitive economy. Paid dating sites offer a few perks to make sure that paying is actually a worthwhile thing. In general, free services a wide range of possible results, an obvious fiscal advantage (comparing free and paid should be easy), greater speed, and so on. What do paid dating sites have to put against this?

Paid sites are generally more secure than unpaid sites, even if they don’t offer higher – level security (which is unlikely). The simple fact that creating a profile on a paid site costs money discourages many people who are only in the online dating scene to troll around or to kill time from bothering. On a paid site, the developers have more to earn by keeping their customers’ satisfaction levels high and keeping their information safe, and thus endeavor to make sure things are indeed secure.

On the con side, paid sites are far more constricted than unpaid sites, as not everyone is willing to pay for a service when there are free versions of it. On the pro side, this does solve, like mentioned before, the issue of non – serious people using the service for no good reason. While finding a match is a bit harder on a paid service (especially if one’s taste is a bit... esoteric and exotic), it is less likely to end up a bad match. It becomes a comparison of whether one wants to have a safer match that comes with a longer wait time, versus a speedier match that is less likely to turn out well. The probabilities of finding a good match are similar, with some difference leaning towards paying, but in the end, it is personal preference that decides.

Weigh your options. If you ask me, the best way to go is to try out free dating websites first just so you can get the hang of it. Once you are used to the rubrics of the game, then you can go ahead and sign up for paid dating websites for added features. 

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