When it comes to blenders, you have a lot of options. But what brand is the best blender out there? Are there really any major differences between this kind and another?

The answer is: absolutely! Not all blenders are created equal, even among different brands you may see at the same store.

But if you really want the most powerful blender on the market, you probably won’t find it in a store. You will probably have to go online – and be prepared to do some heavy small appliance investing! Don’t let that discourage you, though. When you purchase a heavy-duty blender, it lasts much longer than anything you would find at a department store – especially a discount department store, giving you a lot of bang for your buck.

There are a few brands of high-powered blenders out there; the brand I am familiar with and will enthusiastically recommend to any household chef is the Vita-Mix. I have had mine for almost fifteen years, and have been using it every day (or, almost every day) for the past five years.

Our family uses it mainly for green smoothies – smoothies with a handful of greens, like spinach, lettuce or kale thrown in – but it has a lot of other uses as well.

For example, it can be used to make frozen drinks, including smoothies with frozen fruit, because the sharp blade and powerful motor enable the appliance to pulverize frozen chunks of things (of course, you need to make sure the chunks are still small enough).

A Vita-Mix will also make nut butter. Add a small handful of nuts at a time, and blend on a low setting. You can also use it to chop fruits and vegetables; again, start with a low and put in only a few chunks at a time.

One of our favorite ways to use the Vita-Mix is to make raw puddings. For example, cut an avocado into chunks, add a couple of bananas and a little bit of water and voila! a healthy, delicious pudding! Add some ice cubes to the mix, and you end up with an awesome raw ice cream.

Do you enjoy cold soups during the summer? A Vita-Mix is the perfect thing! Simply cut up the vegetables you want to blend together, add your seasons and water, and blend.

While I wouldn’t try blending up a tube of toothpaste, a whole package of floss and an entire bottle of Listerine, as I saw demonstrated once on a video, the Vita-Mix is the best blender to count on as far as getting things completely blended to a liquid with no chunks or fibrous pieces left floating around.