The first point to be noted is that I am assuming that you would rather have a central vacuum system installed in your home, than still use a traditional mobile vacuum system. Central vacuum systems have huge advantages over mobile vacuums and in these modern times, with couples working so hard, any modern appliance that speeds up the home cleaning process has to be considered very carefully.

So, having made the decision that you want a central vacuum system in your residence, you then have some choices to make. Some of these choices will depend on the size and layout of your residence. If you are only at the planning stage of your future residence, then you will have no problems with the layout of your central vac system (C.V.S). This will make it easier for you to get the location of the inlets for the system where you would like them, and will also save you some money as you will probable need less inlets and less piping also.

An average residence will probably need approximately 2 inlets per floor, if the inlets can be properly placed. In an existing home it is a good idea to make sure that the proposed inlet locations allow you to access all of the proposed area to be vacuumed from that inlet. You can do that simply with a length of rope to simulate a 20' or 30' hose length (depending on which hose length you wish to use). Make sure the hose will reach to the ceilings also.

C.V.S. come in 2 main types, the cyclonic system and the filtered system. Both do the same job, but with the filtered system the dust and dirt is filtered from the air, whereas the cyclonic system uses a cyclonic force to throw the dirt from the air system. With either of these types of C.V.S. you can select to have the dirt collected in a bagged area of the base unit or in a bagless or canister area. Again this depends on whether you want to remove a bag of dirt when the system requires emptying or remove a canister, which you will then clean and replace.

Many central vacuum cleaners come with a large array of accessories that have specific functions in the cleaning of a home. There are attachments for upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, stair cleaning, garage sets, pet grooming and cleaning, pet hair removal and even crystal dusting and laptop dusting! The list is really endless and it may be wise for you to study which manufacturers are giving you the array of accessories that suit your needs best.

As you can see, selecting the best central vacuum system for your home can require a bit of thought and decision-making. However, the fact that you have even decided that you do need a central vacuum system is a step in the right direction.

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