Lumia900 Windows Phone
    5, 8 MP Camera,
    3-inch Touch Screen, 16 GB Memory and Wi-Fi
    Cost: $800

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 Android Phone 8MP Camera,
    4 GHz Quad-core, Wi-Fi,
    8-Inchch Screen, 16 GB Memory
    Cost: $899.99

Apple IOS iPhone 4
    16 GB
    5-Inchch Screen,
   Cost: $450

    I prefer the iPhone. After either owning or borrowing all three of the phones, I can say for a fact that the feel of the iPhone is superior. In that I mean that the smoothness of transitions during operation just flow much better. Android and Windows phones both feel clunkier to me in use. Also, I listen to large amounts of music so the compatibility with iTunes is another big factor for me. Granted Android has decent music sharing programs and iTunes is compatible with Android, sharing music with other Apple users just becomes so much simpler, and iTunes, at least to me, has become essentially the industry standard for music players. Thus, most people I know are most familiar with it, making trading music so much easier. - San Francisco

It is Windows phone overall the user interface is the best. Live tiles are easy to arrange and in the next release there will be even more customization of the tiles. As well as being easy to arrange, they provide quick information at a glance with useful information being given on the top of the tile when you open the phone, there is no waiting for it to open and then update. The phones are also great value for money they have all the usual features of other smart phones; great cameras with an external button unlike the iphone. There is also less upkeep cost associated with Windows phone I can easily buy a charger for $5 unlike the iphone. For me it is better than android because the stock android interface isn't all that great and while it can be customized I don't really have the time to do that I need something that works and looks good out of the box and for me that's Windows Phone. - New York

I think the only smartphone that currently rivals the iphone is the lumia. The toughness of the lumia is very appealing as there are videos of people using the screen as a hammer. However, the iphone is hands down the best smartphone currently on the market. The interface has been perfected as it has the most feedback and user hours. It is also hard to compete with the iphone due to the fact that it has the largest user base and the largest pool of apps to choose from. It last a very long time so the price tag can be justified. The touch screen is amazing and there is not much to complain about with the iphone. - Houston

It is... I would choose the galaxy android phone. I realize it's more expensive, but I have an android tablet which is a great testament to android. Also I was drawn to the quad core processor and the huge screen (which I believe will make maneuvering it pretty easy. 8 megapixel camera sounds pretty nice for a phone, and that along with 16 gb of memory made my decision. I have also heard great things about Samsung galaxy by people who own them. They love them. Based on all of that I would definitely pay a bit more for that phone. - Florida, Miami

It is apple.Its price has a great advantage and it's so popular that more than half of your friends and families are using it.Which brings a better convenience for you getting greater apple's creative and thoughtful services like facetime etc.From a opinion of mine what attracts me most is more than half of million apps are available in app store. Moreover most app developers choose ios as their developing platform.In other words it means you will experience the newest and awesome apps if you have an ios device. After all If I had chance I will absolutely choose apple and recommend it to people I know cause it leads the industry. - San Jose, California

    It is the Iphone 4 16GB. I prefer this phone because the price is not expensive for the qualifications that it has. I prefer the look of this phone and in my opinion this phone is the most stylish and popular since there are more apps created for this phone and it will be compatible with my mac computer. - Boston

    Android. Samsung Galaxy S3. The Google Play Market has just as many apps as the Apple App Store and a larger percentage of them are free. With Android there is more freedom to install apps from alternative sources and more variety in choices of phones. Windows phone is too late to the market and being from Microsoft will always lack certain freedoms. Apple's iOS ecosystem is restrictive. To develop an App and install on the device requires an annual fee. - Manchester

It is the best choice to go with an Android phone. They may be a bit more expensive, but the quality of the product is superior. The looks are sleek, and the performance speed of the phone is great. Android is a great operating system, and offers many complementary aspects, such as music apps, apps that assist with everyday living, and a free navigational application as well. It is well worth the money. I own an Android and I love it. I know others that have an Apple smartphone, and they may be nice quality, but they are extremely expensive to have replaced, and also are easily broken. I think the trademark of Apple is what you are payng for, as opposed to a high quality product. I do not have much experience with Windows smartphone, but they seem to not be popular around my location of residence. - Chicago

    Android. The Samsung Android phone is best, even though it is the most expensive. I am generally not a fan of Samsung phones, as the user interface doesn't integrate well with the Android OS (or any OS for that matter), but the Galaxy is the most acceptable in their line. The Windows phone is still too new and buggy, and the iPhone is nowhere near worth the money or the hype. iOS allots the user too little control. Performance wise, all phones are relatively similar in hardware. The operating systems and user interfaces make the difference. All of the phones have an appealing look, but I prefer the customizable design of the Android system. The Windows interface is interesting, but I think it still needs further development. - Los Angeles