The first thing to know when trying to decide which is the best laptop for business is that there is no "best business laptop." This article is not going to attempt to pick out one best business laptop. It is simply going to give you some criteria to think about to help you make your decision in some logical, orderly way. I won't write in detail on any of the features I am going to list. I am simply making sure that you are going to be mindful of them and make your decisions based upon information which this article is intended to guide you toward. Your intended use is going to dictate what features to which you should give more weight in making your decision.

The first category to consider is performance. By performance I am referring to the processing speed, the capacity of the hard drive, and the size of the RAM (random access memory). These all work together to determine how much time processing will take, and in fact how much data can be processed. Different business uses will require differing capabilities.

Next up you should consider battery life. It would just not do well at all for you to be in the middle of a presentation to a potential client and have your computer run out of electricity. Know that one of the biggest; if not the biggest factors affecting battery life is screen size. Generally at the time of this writing, 14 to 15 inch screen models will average in the area of 345 minutes, while larger screens may drop to as little as 280 minutes. These are not exact figures, but merely meant as a general guide.

Design is important too. Such things as the size of the keyboard; whether or not there is a number key pad; and even a seemingly small thing such as how smooth, or how noisy the keys are, are all important considerations. Other design features to consider are weight, size, color, and the texture of the lid. Color and texture affect the look of the machine, and since this is intended to be used in business, it is important to convey a serious, business like look. Your business laptop should convey the same look as your dress. Conservative or more contemporary and informal. It depends on the type of business, but it is something to be considered.

You may also want to think of such things as tech support. Does the company have a good reputation for standing behind their products, and assisting their customers with solving any problems they may encounter?

The price will be another important factor in your decision. After deciding what features and performance capabilities your machine will need to have, then it is time to research the marketplace and find out where you can get the most computer for your money. Read articles about some of the best business laptops. Online suppliers nearly always are running sales, so check around to get the best price. Amazon is usually a good bet, and they have an excellent reputation as an online source for a great many things. Make your decision in a careful, logical way and you will no doubt have a business laptop that will serve you well.